4 Truths About Network Marketing Success

network marketing success

Today I share some truths with you about Network Marketing Success.

Awareness of this truth may help you in your journey.

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4 Truths About Network Marketing Success

1. Knowledge is awesome and should be pursued daily but knowledge will not get you to move past your fears. You will have to cause a stir inside you to start doing the things you know you should be doing. Ask yourself this question and if you take it seriously, you just might create a breakthrough…”When the hell is it time for you grow into the person you are meant to be?”

You have greatness within you and you have overcame obstacles to be where you are and the world WANTS to hear your story. As the world isn’t interested in rags to rags stories, you are going to have to DO something to create that inspirational story that has been within you all along.

2. You are not free unless you have a large residual income. Yes, I am talking to big executives making over $100,000 a year too. If you aren’t working on something that will create LASTING income regardless of continued output, you are trading dollars for hours and are simply a higher paid coal shoveler. Now, maybe you are passionate about what you are doing and if so, Congrats! You are in the 5% of people in the world that love what they do. Guess what, if you create residual income you will have more options along with that passion. You don’t ever have to quit your job but having an extra $500 – $10,000 or more rolling in per month would sure create some vacation or charity options wouldn’t it?

3. Only cowards are afraid of work. When did the word WORK become a bad name. The time is going to pass anyway, put some work into something that WILL actually pay you what you are worth. Are you aware that it is common practice to get rid of the highest paid employees in companies to save money, you know, the ones that worked the hardest to get there? If you take the time and effort to create network marketing success, you will be appreciated and compensated accordingly.

4. Time is a big deal when it comes to network marketing success. The other day I heard my friend Chris say this at our company event and thought it was powerful. If you truly give it your all to create network marketing success, it is going to be very similar to getting a degree but much less expensive and much more rewarding. If you give it your all toward your network marketing success, in two years you could easily be earning what you would earn had you gotten an associates degree. In four years you could easily be earning what you would with a bachelors degree. IF you stick with a company for 6-8 years AND you give it your all, you could EASILY be making more than most doctors out there. TIME is a big deal in network marketing success. Now, if you read this truth and think it hasn’t been your experience, I ask you, have you given it your all?

Just curious, when would it be the perfect time to give it your all?

If you got value from this, please feel free to comment and share. Know that I believe in you and I know you can create the Network Marketing Success you desire. Tap into that greatness within you and move forward despite your fear!

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