4 Reasons You Should Thank Amway

OK, you are probably wondering why I would thank Amway, have I lost my mind? Isn’t Amway the “Shall Not Be Named” homebased business? LOL, well, here is the reality, despite Amway’s multitude of haters, that little company will still do $9,000,000,000 this year (that’s Nine Billion). Crazy huh? If you are currently in ANY sort of homebased business, you have several reasons to thank Amway, here are my 4.

1. They Paved the Way

Think about it. There are still people that think the $114 billion industry of network marketing is some sort of complicated pyramid scheme just like there used to be people that thought the world was flat. But, imagine earning money off your friends and family’s buying habits back in the 50’s and 60’s…yeah, if you think it’s tough now, try to comprehend how tough it was back then! Amway started in 1959 and paved the way for every future homebased business that exists today.

2. They Created the Highest Income Earners in MLM

Amway created a lot of the highest income earners in network marketing. Some left the company and joined other ones but then went on to be some of the largest income earners in history. My former juice company sure owed a lot of it’s success to Amway. Understanding that being a high income earner in a network marketing business opportunity means helping the most amount of people make money means they have made a huge impact on millions of lives.

3. They Created the Best Training

Now this one I had heard for years but recently was able to experience it. I have talked to at least 50 people personally that were in Amway for 5+ years that never made a dime. In fact, not only did they not make a dime, they had a garage full of stuff they really didn’t want. Why did they stay so long to make so little? The powerful training. Amway training will make you a better person and quite frankly will fire you up! Recently a friend of mine gave me a bunch of Amway CD’s that I have been listening to and they are freaking amazing.

4. They Created the Best Leaders

As the number one income earner in my company, I hear all kinds of excuses why someone cannot build a business. Know who I never hear an excuse from? Former Amway Reps. They are freaking unstoppable! They were taught the right way to never ever quit and they are no getting machines! Some of them never made money in Amway but I can tell you, they DID become a better person.

Bonus Video

In the below video I talk about some concepts I pulled out of the Amway CD’s I have been listening to, this video below may become your favorite video that I have ever done. Watch it and give me your feedback at the bottom of the blog!



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