4 Tips When Talking to MLM Leads and Prospects

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Lately I have been doing a lot of coaching for my team on what actually makes money in this industry, prospecting. There are several things common to reps that are struggling to have success in this industry and how they talk to MLM leads and prospects. In this blog I share the 4 tips that will most greatly impact your results.

1. Watch How You Leave a Voicemail for Your MLM Leads

You do NOT have something to run by them, You are NOT calling them to talk about your company and you are certainly NOT calling them to tell them how excited you are about this one of a kind, groundfloor opportunity that pays a double matrix payout and helped you lose 15o pounds in the last 17 days.

The goal of a voicemail is NOT to sponsor them, it is simply to get them to call you back. It does NOT matter how many MLM leads you get each day if you do not understand this basic concept. Here are suggested and acceptable voicemail messages you can leave:

– Just giving you a call and had a quick question for you
– Was seeing if you are still in real estate, etc.
– Was referred to you, please call back
– or anything that does NOT sound like a sales call

2. They Never Have the Money

Well, I should preface that and say that your MLM leads and prospects never have EXTRA money. They are lying to you to get rid of you when they tell you they do not have the money. It means that your prospecting has them evaluating whether they have an extra lump of money to throw into the wind of which, they will not. You have to get them to focus on the benefits of what your company may help them with. As a network marketer, we are problem solvers, not sales people. Get them to tell you their wants, needs, desires and problems and you are much closer to getting them to FIND the money.

3. 99% of Your Work is Done in the Invitation with your MLM Leads

Why are they possibly open to a home business? What has recently changed? What do they hope to gain by watching your presentation or attending your event? If you cannot answer these questions from every prospect you talk to, you need to get better at your invitations. Wonder why they won’t call you back after you invited them to watch a presentation? It is because you did not do your work up front.

4. Speed of Follow-Up is the Key to Success

This is especially true of Internet MLM marketers. In the days of yore (2008-2009) you barely had to even call back a lead and they might sign up with you. Marketers who are being honest know those days are gone. People are no longer looking for just an opportunity, they are looking for an opportunity with a real human being behind it that will help and support them. If there is one thing your MLM leads are sick and tired of is being treated like garbage from people that never call them back or reach out to them. You need to establish that you are a real person as quickly as possible. If someone opts into your page or website, follow up with them quickly so they know you are different than those other bozo’s. If you can manage to call them within 5 minutes, you are going to shine like gold!

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