4 Reasons People Say NO to a Network Marketing Business Opportunity

I coach and train a lot of people that promote and market a network marketing business opportunity. A subject that upsets a lot of them is when they know or find someone that they believe would be PERFECT for their business and that person says no. This blog will help you uncover why someone would say no to a network marketing business opportunity and how to increase your chances that more people tell you YES!

1. Money

Robert Kiyosaki points out in this article that people with employee mindsets concentrate much more on their resources whereas an entrepreneur concentrates more on the opportunity. Said another way, employees concentrate on what will go wrong and entrepreneurs focus on what could go right. An employee-type mindset will focus on what money they have in their account currently versus how great the opportunity is and ways they might be able to come up with money. Now, a network marketing business opportunity is unique in that, unlike a franchise that costs $30-$300,000, you can get into a network marketing business opportunity for a few hundred dollars. But, you will STILL have employee mindset people say No to you as they just can’t see them having extra money to spend on autoships or the upfront cost. You’ll notice that this is an interesting paradigm in that the people you meet that MOST need an opportunity, will be unable to see it.

2. Past Experience

Most of us have had a poorly trained mlm business owner trick us, annoy us, chase us, beg us to look at their network marketing business opportunity. A lot of people that have been approached this way think this is the ONLY way to promote a network marketing business opportunity. Not very many people on this planet want to trick and hound their friends into looking at an opportunity. That method is outdated, inefficient and simply does not work. If you are approaching the majority of people that have been “sleezed” on, you will have to be prepared to tell but also SHOW how your approach is not one that chases, begs and bugs. There is excellent training out there on how to approach people the right way, make sure you are and then share it with others.

3. Product

People join people, not an opportunity. This is true, but, a network marketing business is about duplication not just getting a sign-up bonus. At some point, it DOES come down to the product. Back in the 1990’s a company named Excel Telecommunications EXPLODED in growth. Experts say the reason is it was a product that professional people could see themselves involved in versus what had previously been offered in a network marketing business opportunity. A great leader and a great compensation plan is NOT enough to sustain years and years of growth, you do have to evaluate your product and see who naturally would be interested in it. This may sound like I am blasting the health and wellness mlm’s and I am not, if I was in a health and wellness mlm I would simply choose my prospects more carefully to be more toward people who have an inclination toward health and wellness.

4. You

Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.
– W. Clement Stone

Lets say you meet you at a restaurant. You talk to you about a network marketing business opportunity. Would you sign up with you? If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, you need to work on YOU to change that!

Don’t wish for things to be easier, wish for YOU to be better.
– Jim Rohn

Network marketing is about duplication, not simple sales. That is sometimes why it is difficult to get a salesperson who has been a salesperson all their life to see the beauty of network marketing because they don’t grasp passive income or income on work they did not themselves accomplish. When you approach people about your network marketing business opportunity, are you doing it in a way that can be easily duplicated? Or, are you talking to them for 30-45 minutes and even perhaps doing a presentation for them? WOULD THEY WANT TO DO THAT? Can most people just do presentations in front of strangers? The answer is NO, you need to have a better way. Use 3rd party tools such as videos, events, and conference calls to build your business and to give them a way that they can build as well.

You have to believe in yourself. If you do not believe in you, why the hell should anyone else? The more belief you have in yourself and your company, the more people will WANT to join you and your company.

Castles made of sand slip into the sea, eventually
– Jimi Hendrix

I had to throw in a Hendrix line as I just visited the Rock’n’Roll hall of fame yesterday. If you do not believe in yourself, constantly, vigilantly and for more than a couple days, you will constantly struggle to build your business. Belief is FREE and you can choose to have it RIGHT NOW. Know that it has been done before and you can do it. Know that people lesser than you, dumber than you, poorer than you have created massive empires and you can too. Bump up your belief and you will bump up your income!

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