3 Weird Ways I Handle MLM Objections That Actually Work

I am going to share some of my MLM sponsoring secrets with you. If you are in my team, you may have heard one or more of these. MLM Recruiting does NOT have to be stressful, in fact, the more you see it like a game the better you will do. Check out these 3 weird ways I handle MLM objections and start having some fun with your prospects. =)

MLM Objections #1~Well, How Much Is it?

This is a possible objection you will encounter from a skeptical person before they attend a meeting or see a presentation. Note that if you share with them the cost of your company before they see a presentation, they will immediately think of their finances and if they can afford throwing away that amount of money, of which, they will 99% of the time conclude that they cannot and tell you that they cannot afford it.

Here is what I say:

“There are several different options to join our business but I would feel more comfortable if you watched a presentation as it may not be a fit for you and then you would not spend a dime.”

Why this works

It makes them curious. Why wouldn’t it be a fit for them? What does that say about what I think about them?

MLM Objections #2~I need to do my research

This has a slight takeaway edge to it to slow you down in the closing process. A rule of thumb is when someone does a takeaway from you, you takeaway a little harder. I never mind this MLM objection. The WRONG thing to do here is to try to hard close them and tell them not to worry about the research and just to get in now.

Here is what I say:

“I totally understand. We have well over 100 videos that you can go through and absolutely take your time. It may take you 3-6 months to go through everything and that is fine as I just don’t want to work with someone that joins with their fingers crossed behind their back hoping for success. If you decide to join, I would want to make sure this is the company for you before I spend a lot of time training you.”

Why this works

They are not used to someone of high posture to speak to them this way. They are used to sniveling network marketers that beg and say pretty please with snicker-doodles on top will you get in my business. Also note that some people are simply contrarians. They will do the exact opposite of whatever you suggest. I have had many people (more than not) immediately join after I say the above to them.

MLM Objections #3~I am not a salesperson

Here is the reality, I have to detrain people who are trained salespeople. This is not about who you can close but how you can teach and train. This is not about selling someone a product, it is about selling someone the idea that they can do it, that is a huge distinction. The super salesperson will close people and move onto the next person and not bother following a process that can be duplicated, they will just go for what works, vs what duplicates.

Here is what I say:

“It is actually a good thing that you are not a salesperson as that means I do not have to de-train you. This is about following our training not bringing your sales skills to the table. Whether you are a salesperson or not isn’t really the question, the question is are you coachable, and if you are, then we can work with you and show you, step by step, how to do this business.”

Why this works

Most people think anything that has a commission behind it is hard core sales, especially people that have always worked for others at an hourly wage or salary. Most highly trained sales people end up failing at this industry because they do not understand it is about making their people successful not just them being the superstar. People that raise this MLM objection are actually usually caring people and when they understand it is about helping people vs closing them, they will see the opportunity as more viable.

MLM Objections Do Not Have to Stress You Out

Don’t let people with simple MLM Objections stress you out, get the upper hand by being postured and powerful and by doing your research with your upline and or company.

Wanna Stump Me? Use the comments section below to hit me with an MLM objection that you DO NOT know how to answer or think I cannot answer! Let’s have some fun =)

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