3 Ways Test Closing will Improve Your MLM Sponsoring

You can study all forms of marketing and your product and compensation plan until you are blue in the face but unless  you get better at MLM sponsoring, you still may not make any money. In this blog I am going to share 3 tips to improve your recruiting by using test closes.

Improve Your MLM Sponsoring, Improve Your Bank Account

I just finished creating Sponsoring Mastery for My Lead System Pro which is a 4 part webinar series on recruiting. In this product I cover a ton of mlm sponsoring secrets, tips, tactics and some powerful ways to get more recruits into your network marketing business. I wanted to leak some of what I cover, actually, one of my favorite things I cover, which is test closing.

Test Closes Will Boost Your MLM Sponsoring in 3 ways

1) Test closes will help you out with focusing more on the prospect rather than what you are going to say.

2) Test closes will help you test the temperature of your prospect without getting a definitive no and attempting to overcome that.

3) Test closes will give even shy people a more gentle approach than asking the big question and going for the hard close.

The Structure of a Test Close

This is the basic structure of a test close. In your opinion, do you feel… Now, you should never go into a close or a test close without knowing the wants, needs, desires or problems of your prospect. They are NOT buying your product they are determining whether you and what you represent will solve their problem. We are NOT salespeople, we are professional problem solvers.

So, lets say the “problem” of your prospect is they hate their job and they want to spend more time with their family (that used to be me). As I listen to the prospect and hear their pain, I have them watch a presentation and then I may ask them this test close: Based on what you have seen so far, in your opinion, do you feel that this may help you to eventually get away from your job and possibly spend more time with your family? This test close allows me to test the temperature and tell me where I need to go. So, lets explore both scenarios:


If the prospect responds with the above, I may go this route. “You don’t feel this will help?” I will ask it very nicely to turn it into a question and try to get them to offer up more information to tell me what the problem actually is. Let’s keep having fun with this. Let’s say I repeat back to them and they respond that they just don’t think network marketing actually works. At this point I will say, “I am sure you have a reason for saying that and do you mind if I ask what that reason is?” Again, I am digging…


Well, what do you do if they respond positively to the test close? Challenge them a bit. Ask, are you serious about spending more time with your family? They have to answer yes. At that point you may use something along the lines of “Sounds to me like you are ready to join!” and have your hand ready to write their information.

Practice, practice

Practice test closes, as you get better at them you will develop a more natural way of getting people to say yes to you. These are tactics I teach my personal teams in MLSP and Numis and I hope they help you too!

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