3 Tips to Recruit More People in Your
Network Marketing Business Opportunity

Wanna be a super-recruiter? There are certain traits I have noticed in the people that sponsor people effortlessly and I wanna share three tips with you to help you recruit more people into your network marketing business opportunity.

Tip1 to recruit more people into your network marketing business opportunity

The number one way to NOT recruit more people is to not ask them to check out your business. If you want to have absolutely no control over how quickly you build your network marketing business opportunity, just don’t have a daily quota for how many people you are going to expose your business to each day.

I see it all the time where a person that joined their network marketing business opportunity to make a change in their life falls into the trap of doing all the activities that prevent them from having to reach out to other people and actually ask for the business. Perhaps it is in funny or even well written blogs, articles, videos, etc. Those are good activities but not ones that will build your business nearly like having a daily quota of people you are going to expose your business to.

Tip2 to recruit more people into your network marketing business opportunity

Understand what our roles are as reps of a network marketing business opportunity. We have two functions:

1) Present information

2) Provide options

That’s it! Does that take away some of the stress? We present information to people, see if they are open, and if they are, we then provide options. We make it so much more complex than that but that is the simplicity of this business. Did you know that if just went around presenting information to others, you would find some that were open and then get a chance to provide them options. Stop thinking this is about closing or how great of a speaker you are, it is not, it is about saying less to more people and simply providing options to those that are looking. By the way, in this economy, more people are open to a network marketing business opportunity for additional income than ever before.

Tip3 to recruit more people into your network marketing business opportunity

Stop being so damn serious. There are people out there that will call a network marketing business opportunity some sort of pyramid scheme just like there are people that swear that Elvis and Hitler are still alive. Do we spend time trying to convince the crazy people that sit on their porches in rocking chairs talking about Elvis being alive that he isn’t? Of course not so why give a crap to try to convince someone that it is not a pyramid? Chuckle at this question and move on to the next person. My suggestion is spend a whole lot more time talking to more people than trying to overcome your broke brother in laws probing objections. Laugh more. Those that are members of a network marketing business opportunity know that we have a better way than slaving for someone else for 50 years to get a gold plated watch and a retirement that most gophers could not live off so stop being so serious about those that want to crush your dreams. People are attracted more to fun, easy going people than stressballs. Don’t be a stressball! Our industry is meant to be fun, not so serious!



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