3 Tips & Social Media Marketing Plan for 2014

social media marketing plan

Want help creating your social media marketing plan for 2014? Here are three quick tips from my wife Jessica Higdon!

Watch this short video to learn these 3 tips and learn more about the social media marketing training my wife is doing tonight!

Wanna Recruit More on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

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The fact is more and more people are using social media and it’s almost weird to NOT be on social media nowadays. Even though there are lots and lots of people on the different social media platforms, you really have to understand how best to use them to get results. In the below video my wife shares with you three tips as well as details on tonights webinar about creating your social media marketing plan for 2014.

Video: Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Did you get value from her three tips? She is the brains behind all of our social media marketing and is just freaking awesome. Leave a comment if one tip helped you out more than another and feel free to share this with any teammates that you might want to help out.

Also, if you want to dive deep with Jess on creating your social media marketing plan, make sure you register for the free training tonight here

To Your Abundance!

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