online mlm successYesterday I spoke to 400 entrepreneurs in Austin on creating massive Online MLM success, see if these tips help you.

In this post I share my suggestions on how to make your first $1,000, how to go from 6 figures to 7 figures and how to play bigger.

Big Thanks to My Lead System Pro!

This was my sixth year on stage at the My Lead System Pro event and it was a blast. Great guys with big hearts and a great community. Thanks for having me back as a speaker and congrats on a successful event!

What I talked about for Online MLM Success

Category 1: How to Make Your First $1,000

The first thing I want to cover is my suggestions on how to make your first $1,000. Before I do that, let me explain the two main things that prevent people from getting past their first thousand dollar month.

Those two things are belief and concern over self-image. They don’t have the belief that they can do it so they constantly do anything but the activity that could possibly make them money. They will study and study and study but never approach anyone or if they do get a wild hair and actually reach out to someone and get rejected they use it as proof of why they cannot have MLM success and they shrink back into their shell versus realize that prospecting is simply a math game for beginners where you DON’T recruit a high percentage of people that you reach out to.

The other sticking point is the GREAT concern over the self image. “What will they say?” “What if I look stupid?” and other inconsequential meaningless questions fill their brain preventing them again from doing the activity that not only might change their lives but also the lives of others. Too many people in this stage have more concern with their self image than any concern for impacting others, it is actually selfish.

As far as the actions and what MY suggestions are to achieve the first $1,000 in online MLM success, they are 1. Create a piece of content everyday (blog, video, article) that is sharing 1-3 tips that you have learned AND have a prospecting number goal. Even reaching out to just 3 per day will build you serious MLM success if done over time.

Category 2: How to go from 6 figures to 7 figure Online MLM Success

I see a LOT of people that get past the basic stuff and go on to become $100,000 a year earners but MOST of them stop at that point and never actually get past it. Some that lack abundance mindset may say “Isn’t that enough?” Or “Maybe they just don’t want to work any harder”. I get it, the truth is, there is little difference in actual work to go from 6 figures to 7 figures but you sure do get to impact a lot more people. More on this later…

The two things that prevent people from going from 6 figures a year to 7 figures a year (earning over one million dollars a year) are Understanding payoffs and ego.

Understanding payoffs is interesting. At 6 figures in MOST companies whether it be traditional or an online MLM system/company, you get the accolades, recognition and kudos you have been searching for. You get praised, the masses in your company admire and look up to you, sooo, IF your payoff is the limelight, congrats! You made it! The way I personally think is about impact. How can we make a bigger impact and if you play THAT game, you won’t stop at the simple getting of the limelight. You will work until YOUR people get the limelight and then THEIR people get the limelight even if the limelight stops shining as brightly on you.

Ego is the other stopper of would be million dollar earners. With this acquisition of the limelight they feel pretty good where they are and MOST will allow this to go to their heads. Anytime we have a big payday we are instantly looking for our next coach to hire that has been playing bigger (and there always is one to learn from).

My biggest suggestion to six figure earners that want to get to 7 figure earners is invest in coaching with someone who has done what you want to do, get rid of the ego and invest some of that money you are making to leverage yourself to the next level.

online mlm successCategory 3: How to Play and Think Bigger

Some people read this article and thought “Oh my goodness, he is all about money” and maybe they have resistance in their heart. This is caused by a mismanagement of what money represents. Money is a reflection of the value you have put into the marketplace. Value is the solving of problems and helping of others. IF you are not putting value into the marketplace and not solving anyone else’s problems then you are making what you should be making. HOWEVER, IF you start to impact more people and make a bigger difference it is quite natural for you to make more money.

The reason you should make more money is it allows you to be a bigger version of who you already are. IF you are charitable it allows you to be even more charitable. IF you are serious about making a bigger impact on this planet it allows you to tap into resources not available to the person that doesn’t have much money. My best coaching clients have THANKED me for charging them for coaching (true story) as it made them show up bigger and made them value our time together more.

Imagine a time when YOUR clients or teammates thank YOU. That will ONLY happen if you get into action and get past the obstacles I talk about in this article. You can get to wherever you want to go from where you are, isn’t it time to take that journey seriously?

We believe in you and hope you got value from this article.

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