Today I’m gonna share three simple ways to increase sales when your leads aren’t buying. So, you’re getting leads, you’re getting emails, you’re having people contact you but you’re just not making any money, we’re gonna solve that.

In the last three years, we’ve helped home business owners generate over 300,000 new customers.

So first, I’m going to share with you the one question you need to be asking yourself if your leads aren’t buying.

Second, I’m going to share how you’re losing 98% of what you should be making if you’re not doing this and lastly, I do want to help you with your existing customers, what is the concept that will get them to buy more.

The #1 Question To Ask To Generate More Leads

So, the one question if you’re generating leads and they’re not buying, the biggest question that you need to ask yourself is how do I make it irresistible?

How do I make it absolutely awesome? How do I take my offer and whatever it is that people aren’t buying, how do I spice it up? How do I spruce it up?

How do I make it more awesome? And so in doing that, you’re gonna have to understand your customer, you’re gonna have to understand who you’re at least attempting to get to become your customer.

What do they struggle with, what are the problems that they have, what keeps them up late at night and this is something that will change your business because you need an irresistible offer, you need something that when people hear it, they’re like oh my god, I need that. And so start to take the time to ask your existing customers what made them buy.

What was the one thing that they learned after buying that was really, really beneficial to them. A lot of businesses that I’ve ran into, they have really really good stuff but their marketing doesn’t fully reflect it.

…And so make sure you know what are the things that your actual customers now love about what you do.

  • Is it your service?
  • Is it that you, you know, solve a very specific type of problem?
  • What is it that they absolutely love and then take a look at your marketing and if you didn’t know you, is that displayed?
  • Does that speak that language of the things that they really love in there and then take that and ask yourself okay, what would make this irresistible?
  • What can I add to it?

Maybe it’s a bonus, maybe it’s a instead of charging you know a thousand bucks for ten sessions, maybe you charge a thousand for eight sessions and they get two free.

Same amount.

So, don’t take this to mean how do I make it as cheap and non-profitable as possible because you can’t scale a business that way. You need to make money so that you stay in business so you continue to solve problems so you continue to help people.

So this is not just the money play, this is not just make it so cheap that everyone wants to buy it because most people don’t appreciate cheap things. Most people, they really don’t appreciate free things and so ask yourself how do I make it irresistible, interview your existing customers, evaluate your marketing and make sure that that’s being reflected and spice it up. Let’s test some different things.

So, I mentioned you’re losing 98% of the money you should be making if you’re not doing this.

Do you have a guess? You know what it is? That guess, got it? No?

It’s follow-up.

So, I was working with Grant Cardone and his sales team and for those that don’t know, Grant is I think he’s now worth over a billion dollars, big real estate mogul, he started in car sales and then built a car sales training empire and now has a different empire, it’s huge and I was talking to his head of sales and they have a team of people on the phone that just pound the phone all day long trying to sell their products, trying to sell their real estate stuff and projects etc. and I asked him this question.

I said how many- now this is a professionally trained team, there’s 40 or 50 of them on the phones all day long every day even the weekends and I asked him. I said how many of your sales are made on the first call?

His answer, two percent. Now, how many- now this is a professionally trained team.

How many business owners, how many people in sales trying to make some money only make one reach out and yet they think that’s going to get it, that’s going to make it work for them and they’re not as trained.

98% of their income comes from follow-up and so you can suck at sales, but if you’re good at follow-up, you’ll make plenty of money. When you say that your leads aren’t buying, how many times are you reaching back out to them? How many ways are you texting them?

Are you having someone call them?

Are you sending them a direct message on a social media channel that you connected with them on? How are you following up with them and how often is such a big player because the hard part, the hardest part of this whole process is generating new leads.

But if you’re generating new leads and only connecting with them one time, then you’re really playing the lottery here because very few people make a purchase on their first time.

You’ve already generated the lead, make sure you have a follow-up sequence and not just email because a lot of people are really easy to ignore emails.

Have a more comprehensive plan of targeting them with ads, of following them around wherever they go with retargeting. Make sure that you have a solid follow-up plan for those people that you’ve already generated as a lead. So before we get to my last point, I want to hear from you and let’s help each other out. What’s one unique way that you’ve been followed up on that was really helpful to you or maybe got you to buy?

Drop a comment below. Let’s help some of these budding entrepreneurs and compile a bunch of ideas around follow-ups. I’ve heard some really creative ones.

I’d love to hear yours. Okay, so what is this suggested concept for your existing customers? This is a fun one. So, I spoke at- again, I mentioned him again, Grant Cardone.

Why Following Up With More Premium Experiences Matters

I spoke at his mastermind a couple weeks ago, him and Pete Vargas and my friend, Pedro Dayo, and a couple other gurus were there, Stormy Wellington. Grant made the comment that 40% of his high ticket sales came from people who had unsubscribed from him. And I’m like uh what?

Like you know someone unsubscribes, someone cancels, you think that means oh, we’re done here, right?

That’s not how he treats it.

So, what he does is when someone unsubscribes, he actually turns up his sales team and says go get him, boys and what they found and when you hear this, I think it’ll make sense but you know it didn’t to me at least at first is what he found that a lot of these people that had unsubscribed, they were looking for a different experience.

They were looking for more one-on-one or they were looking for you know to not just be a number and an email list, to not just be a subscriber but they actually wanted to be more involved. Interesting.

…And so by him connecting his team, I should say, connecting with them on a more intimate level, reaching out to them, phone calling them etc. 40% of his high ticket sales come from those people. So, here’s the question.

If you’re generating a lot of leads, are you offering them more VIP experiences?

Are you offering them more intimate experiences or maybe bigger experiences?

And so I’ll give you an example. One of my good friends, she owns some olive oil stores. And so she has this amazing different olive oil, she’s got all different flavors, hundreds of them I think and and they’re delicious, they’re amazing, she sources them, they’re fantastic.

My idea for her was hey, what if you started doing VIP experiences where you took them over to Italy to see where the olives are actually crushed and she’s like well you know only a few people would want to do that, I think. I’m like exactly and they would be your customers for life. You see sometimes it’s not about thinking about what’s that smaller thing I need to sell a million units of but what’s that great big thing that would create a very unique experience and I got to be the recipient of one of these.

So, we at our last event in September, we raised $120,000 for Dr. Joe Dispenza’s research facility then, I got an invite, my wife and I, got an invite to go and actually tour his facility.

I’m in, man.

I’m in for life.

I’m going to raise money for that organization forever because I got to see it, I got to feel it, I got to touch it, I got to explore it,

I learned more about it. And so now I’m all in and so how do you create more all-in customers, people that maybe they come and they see your factory where the thing is made and then you take them out to a nice dinner or maybe you buy a charity trip and they get to come along.

How can you create more unique experiences that can be charged at a premium that people will absolutely love to buy, not everybody but certain individuals that you would love to have customers for life.

What would be awesome for your existing customers, that’s the question you need to be asking yourself. 

Ray Higdon

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