3 Offline Attraction Marketing Tips
to Get More Leads

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Inside this short video I share 3 very simple offline attraction marketing tips to get more people asking you about your business when you are out and about.

Watch this video and learn some powerful local marketing tips that GET RESULTS!

What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing, in it’s strictest definition, is providing value to a target market to get them to want to work with you. For example, 5-7 times a week, every week, I create training videos for the serious network marketer which attracts them to me and some of them choose to want to work with me. Inside this video I teach 3 ways of probably more accurately called curiosity marketing vs attraction marketing but it still has some attraction in it.

When it comes to Local Marketing, You do everything you can!

My wife and I do both online and local marketing for our network marketing business and in both arenas we try to be as efficient as possible. IF you are going to be sitting in a Starbucks (or Tim Hortons for my Canadian friends), wouldn’t you like to get some of the people that walk by you to ask you about your business?

That is EXACTLY what the below video will do for you. It gives you three offline attraction marketing tips that will help attract more strangers to you and all asking you the type of questions you would love to be asked.

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Video: Three Attraction Marketing Tips for You

OK, be honest, did you laugh at number three? It’s funny right? But it DOES work! Did you like the guest appearance from Jess? IF you enjoyed this video, please comment and share.

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