3 Mistakes in Building
Your Homebased Business

A lot of people look for love in all the wrong places, especially when it comes to marketing and building their homebased business. I see these mistakes every single day and without fail, well, they always fail. Let me shed some light on these oh so common mistakes, how to avoid them and what to do instead to get your business pumping money through it’s veins and giving you the life you desire and deserve.

#1. If I only had the exposure for my homebased business…

Some people think if they just get that lucky break to either get on stage, get featured on a webinar, enroll a large community or group, they they will then turn their business around and have big things happen. Exposure is a function of reward for value put into the marketplace not a wining lottery ticket. You can CREATE exposure by doing one of two things, #1 – Make someone money or #2 – Pay someone money.

I know a very popular coach that people have used to get introduced to the right people and get those connections that will help them gain knowledge as well as build relationships. In this wonderful world of being a homebased business entrepreneur, whether you are an affiliate marketer or a network marketer, if you make someone else money, you will get exposure. When I wanted to get the attention of the owners of My Lead System Pro, I started marketing their product (once I believed in it), making sales and THAT got their attention, it was not how I schmoozed them at a cocktail party but how I made them money.

#2. I just need to get a heavy hitter or star in my homebased business

Starfish my future brother in law picked up from Bimini ocean floor

This is similar to #1 but slightly different. This is where people look to people they know or perhaps do not know but know of that are deemed heavy hitters in MLM. Heavy Hitters in MLM or superstars may be top earners, or past top earners. I would never suggest not to attempt to bring heavy hitters into your homebased business but some go about this all wrong. Let me give you an example. Yesterday, someone that used to attend my real estate investor meetings years ago calls me up and says how excited they were to find out that I had also left real estate to do network marketing. She asks me if I was open to hearing about her opportunity that she is so excited about. I respond that as the #1 income earner in my company that I would need a lobotomy if I even considered looking at another company at which she responded asking me for my mailing address to send me some more information.

Now, some would applaud that and say that she was persistent, I am suggesting that anytime you solely focus on what you want without even listening to what your target is saying to you, that is just dumb. When you are someone of value, someone that focuses on the needs of heavy hitters and how to actually help them vs. how they can help you, you will start to attract and sponsor them.

3. Thinking Short Term about your homebased business

This is the biggest mistake, but it is easy to understand why it happens. Too many people look at their homebased business in a totally different light as their job or their small business. They forget how long it took them to do their schooling, how much it cost in time, money and overhead. If their homebased business isn’t making them thousands per month within 6 months they quit whereas if they had this same mentality and balanced overhead and profits they would not have started their small business or gone to college.

Building a legitimate homebased business is the shortcut. It is the lowest risk way I know of that anyone can go from anywhere to anywhere. Too often people look for the shortcut to the shortcut. If you make it in this industry, you will have earned it. Focus on how you are providing value into the marketplace and how you can solve more people’s problems and you will become the success you so desire.

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