3 Methods of Network Marketing Recruiting


Are you running out of ideas on finding new ways to increase your network marketing recruiting? This quick post will help you boost your sponsoring, increase your commissions and elevate your results in your MLM.

1. Network Marketing Recruiting Using Offline Attraction Marketing

About a year ago I had a private mastermind retreat that a small group of entrepreneur paid $9,000 per person to attend. Offline attraction marketing is a very powerful way to attract more people to you, in a very targeted way, that then turns into a powerful way to boost your network marketing recruiting. IF you wanted to attract, say, realtors, all you would do is run offline (you can also do this online) events or webinars that are aimed at solving the problems of your target audience. Watch the below video if this method interests you:



2. Network Marketing Recruiting Through Facebook

OK, so you are thinking, “Ray, this isn’t a new method to boost my network marketing recruiting!” bear with me here, it is certainly NOT a new method but SOOO many people do it the wrong way, it STILL needs to be taught. Here is a quick list of the things to do in your network marketing recruiting on Facebook:

1. Never send unsolicited links (learn to get them to ask you for it)
2. Focus on turning your cold market into your warm market by listening to them and building a genuine relationship.
3. Don’t just target a company and try to recruit out of it. It can ruin your reputation and it’s not professional.

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3. How to Use Email to Boost Your Recruiting

Most people have NO clue how to communicate via email to their prospects to actually get them interested in your home business opportunity. In fact, most network marketers do everything to turn OFF their prospects by the email messages they send. Most marketers come off as desperate and create resistance and doubt in the minds of their prospects.

You can recruit using email but there are certain rules you must adhere to. Here are a few:

1. Focus on the prospect, not you or even what excites you.
2. Like on Facebook, look to generate interest BEFORE you blast your link.
3. Know how to get people to check out your opportunity, even if they are already in one AND without turning them off.

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