17 Instagram Tips for Beginners

Today is a fun post, you will learn 17 Instagram tips and tricks to help your network marketing business.

Even if you are a total beginner, these Instagram tips for business will help you attract more people to you AND generate more leads.

Why Bother with Instagram?

There are a few reasons I like Instagram, by the way, be sure to follow me on Instagram if you are on it. Here are some of the reasons I think it is worth your time to learn these Instagram tips:

– It is really easy. You literally just upload pictures and that is pretty much it. It is WAY less complex than Facebook.

– They have over 300 million ACTIVE users, this is pretty impressive and you can bet that there are some people on Instagram that you would love to attract to YOU.

– It’s fast, I have over 5,000 followers and it only takes me a minute or two to respond to any correspondance each day.

Here’s also a fun Instagram Infographic for you



17 Instagram Tips for Business

These Instagram tips are from my friend April Marie Tucker. When I knew I wanted to chat about Instagram tips, I simply had to reach out to her as she is an Instagram guru. Right now she is doing a special on her course, you can actually get her videos for only $5 right now. April has generated over 3,000 leads by simply uploading pics to Instagram (crazy right?).

17 Instagram Tips {Do’s and Don’ts}

1. Don’t set up a Instagram account with the intention to brand you as your MLM business or turn it into one big advertisement. If you’re doing this STOP it right now! Instagram is a social site not a business to business site.

2. Do set up your Instagram with the intention to brand you as a leader by leading with value driven content.

3Don’t post all the time about your business trying to sell all the time on Social media is like putting mosquito repellent and repelling your followers. Do post things of value like, marketing tips, quotes, videos etc. Follow the 80/20 rule (80% value and 20% promo)

4. Don’t sign up only to rarely return or post on your Instagram. 

5. Do sign up and be consistent with posting. If you want people to follow you give them a reason too... You will only get desirable results if you post consistently on Instagram.

6. Don’t go nuts with hash tags.. Too many hashtags makes you look spammy and Instagram is putting a stop to it. Many are losing accounts and landing themselves in hashtag jail.

7. Do use hashtags but follow Instagrams rules and only post up to 20 relevant hashtags. Key word is relevant you’re hashtags should be relevant to your post.

If you are posting a food recipe and you put  #like4like that is not a relevant hashtag. A example of a relevant hashtag for a food recipe would be #healthyeating or #healthyrecipes

8. Don’t over do the selfies… Too many selfies will annoy your followers and once you lose a follower your chance of them ever following you again are zero.

9. Do sprinkle images and videos of your day to day business. Make it like a behind the scenes look at what you do in your business with a occasional fun pic of something fun you like to do outside of your business.

10. Don’t be a copycat! Don’t steal someone elses photo, change the filter, add your website or watermark and call it your own.

instagram secrets11. Do share and give the original poster credit.  If you want to share a photo be sure to download the repost app so you can always give credit to the original owner of the photo you want to share…

12. Don’t forget to protect your own images and videos.

13. Do always protect your own Instagrams by adding a watermark or website name to all your images so no one can take them without giving you credit. I like a android app called Add Watermark or for iPhone you can use iWatermark to easily create a watermark and add it to your photos.

14. Don’t get on Instagram for your sole benefit... Meaning don’t just sit there and post expecting others to join in on conversation with you but not return the favor.

15. Do socialize and be reciprocal as much as possible. You will attract a lot more people by just making it a point to comment and like others pictures or videos on Instagram. Become a top contributor to the Instagram community.

16. Do post interesting pics that pop by using the filters and some apps to add text to your images. Learn which one’s I use and watch over my shoulder while I create lead getting photos in Insta Lead Magic.

17. Don’t over post! Post every 3 to 4 hrs and never more than 5 times in a day. I like to see 2 to 5 posts a day for best results.

Thanks April!

IF you got value from these free Instragram secrets, leave a comment below. IF you’d like to dive deeper into learning Instagram tips and tricks to start getting leads, feel free to check out the sale she is doing on her videos for $5 here.

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