My 16 Year Old Teaching from
Robert Kiyosaki Books

brandon robert kiyosaki books

Meet Brandon, my 16 year old son. Today he is teaching you from Robert Kiyosaki books he has read.

Watch the short video and the beginning of a superstar!

Early Beginnings

When the kids started getting into reading, the best I can remember is when they were maybe 11 and 12 years old, I started a little book swap with them, where I would read one of their books and they would read one of mine. Soo, I have read all the Harry Potter books, some Lemony snicket ones, some series or Pirate books and quite a few Percy Jackson books.

They have read Think and grow rich, multiple Robert Kiyosaki books including Rich dad poor dad, The Alchemist, compound effect, slight edge, science of getting rich, etc.

The Question They Never Answered

I’ve been asking them what they want to do when they grow up for years, not pressuring them and also telling them that I would support them in whatever direction they wanted to go. They would never answer me.

About six months ago Brandon, who you will meet in the below video, asks me if I had a book he could read and I asked him again, well, what do you want to do when you get older? He said, give me five minutes. He thought about it and came back with “I think what you are doing is pretty smart, I want to do what you are doing.”

Imagine my happiness. =) Well, today, the training begins…

Brandon teaching from Robert Kiyosaki Books

So, this is the first of many. Brandon is now in marketing bootcamp and you will see more videos from him. Stay tuned as I help him build his brand, learn the art of network and Internet marketing and pursue his goals. If you’d like to read the book mentioned in this video, you can get a copy here.

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To Your Abundance!

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