12 Ways to Improve Your Life

improve your life

In most of my blogs I am sharing how to recruit more reps, get more leads or generally exact skills, today is all about how to improve your life.

IF you follow these 12 ways to improve your life, you actually WILL attract higher quality people to you.

Been Up in Cleveland…

My wife and I have been up in Cleveland the last few days after rocking a great event in Wilmington, North Carolina. We come up here 1-2 times a year to spend time with her grandparents. They love to gamble so we hit the casino last night and had dinner at the Muse inside the Ritz in downtown Cleveland, highly recommend that place, it was excellent!

These Suggestions WILL Help you Recruit More People

If you aren’t sure if you should read these suggestions, you MUST understand that IF you become a better person, you WILL attract higher quality people to you AND you will recruit more people. You may think it is only a great script that recruits people but it actually is HOW you say things and WHO you are to the person when you are talking to them. IF you improve your life and how you feel about yourself, the energy you send out will be higher and better and more people will actually want to be around you.

12 Ways to Improve Your Life

1. Smile more. Simple, free to implement and will INSTANTLY make you more attractive, improve your life and give off a better vibe. Anytime someone locks eyes with you, yes, even strangers, give them a big ole smile. I realize in New York they may think you are up to something but do it anyway, it just might strike up a conversation. =)

2. Compliment more. In fact, let’s put this into practice right now. Make it a goal to compliment at least ten people today. You can tell them you like their shoes, shirt, hair, accent, whatever if they are strangers and if they are people you know, compliment them on something about their personality that you admire.

3. Watch your self-talk. The next time you go to say “I am” and follow it with something negative about yourself that you constantly say, say it better. So, instead of saying “I am not very good at _______”, say, “I am grateful that I am getting better at ________”. This is one of the biggest areas I help my coaching clients with as that nasty language we carry around about ourselves is VERY destructive AND what you say about yourself you are forcing to come true and manifest in reality.

4. Start your day off right with affirmations. I personally like present tense, emotionally charged “I am” statements. An example would be “I am so fired up that I help so many people on a daily basis”. BEFORE you check your emails or Facebook, read your affirmations. I personally wrote mine down and took a picture of them and read them on my phone (as I travel so much).

5. End your day off right with affirmations. What do MOST people do right before they go to bed? If you said Watch the News, you would be right. The news is a perfect way to end your night right? With all that positive, uplifting information geared only at what makes other people joyful? Ahem, hopefully you caught my sarcasm. The news with it’s constant parading of negativity and calamity that we would NEVER want to be aligned with is the WORST thing to watch before bed. When you go to bed you are allowing your supercomputer subconscious mind focus on whatever your conscious mind was focused on before you fell asleep. Program that supercomputer with what you actually want in your life.

6. Earn every shower. When billionaire Richard Branson was asked what is his number one tip for productivity, he replied, exercise. A really simple and easy way to get just at least a little more exercise is before you get in the shower, earn it. Do some pushups, situps, jumping jacks, whatever to get the blood pumping and circulating. Exercising released healthy endorphins that actually make you feel better AND if you are feeling better, you will perform better at that next prospecting meeting.

7. Read a chapter a day of an educational or inspirational book. Here are some of my best suggestions on Books. This is a great long term approach if you want to improve your life.

8. Have gratitude for your spouse or partner. IF you are dating or married to someone, secretly write 10-20 things everyday that you are grateful about them. It could be some of their physical aspects, personality traits or activity like you are grateful they have a job, etc. We always want our partners to be more accepting of us but the funny thing is when WE change our energy about them, they do change. You cannot force them to change but you can change your energy about them. IF you are single, start having gratitude for your future perfect partner by writing down things that you love about that person you are about to find in your life.

9. Catch yourself from sharing your stories of woe. You know when you get together with your friends or teammates and hunt in your mind for crap to complain about. Stop it. If you keep telling it like it is, it keeps it like it is. You don’t need to clock in and complain for a certain amount of time each day, it isn’t attracting nor helpful.

10. Learn something new. Make your life more adventurous by learning something new. Take a bartender class, learn to play guitar, or take up salsa dancing. Learning new things activates different parts of your brain which may help you in all other areas of your life.

11. Be specific on what you want. Instead of saying you want to make more money next year, say how much you want to make. Instead of saying you want to lose weight, say how much you want to weigh instead. Being specific increases your chances of hitting those goals. It isn’t enough to just say you want to improve your life, be specific.

12. Upgrade your circle. They say you are the average of the five people you spent the most time with. Who are you hanging around? If you want to improve your life maybe it is time to hang around those of higher success, vibration and with bigger goals. This can be tough for most as they are so comfortable with who they currently hang around but this might be the most leveraged thing you can do.

Did you Like these Suggestions?

Join the conversation, which of these really resonated with you? How many are you actually doing right now to improve your life and which ones are you going to implement. I really hope you do the compliment one as I think that one would really lift some spirits this holiday season. Feel free to share this with anyone who might benefit and thanks so much for stopping by!

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