12 Traits to Develop your Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneur Mindset

There are certain aspects to the Entrepreneur mindset that MOST would be success-stories just don’t understand.

In this post you will learn 12 suggestions to help you develop your Entrepreneur mindset and increase your chances of success.


This is from last month on one of my favorite days of my life. It was our three year anniversary and rented a 40 foot yacht to cruise around the waters here in Southwest Florida and enjoy the sunset.

My History as an Entrepreneur

I am currently running a multiple 7 figure a year coaching and training business for home business owners and active in a network marketing company but my Entrepreneur mindset has been being developed since the 6th grade. Here are some of the highlights from where I gleam my experience (HINT: They didn’t all work out!)

– Was moving 90-100 airheads a day in the 8th grade (until they banned selling candy at my middle school)

– Started a real estate investment company where we moved hundreds of houses and held 37 rental units (it was VERY successful in a hot market, then crashed when the market changed lol)

– Co-invested in an advertising franchise (roughly a $35,000 investment where I actually never made a dime)

– Started a multi-state real estate investment association that was a ton of work but very little actual profits.

Pretty impressive right? Haha, if you said not really, you would be correct. However, there are lots to learn from my journey. I do NOT think we would have the successful business we have today without those failures, er, I mean lessons. =)

12 Suggestions for an Entrepreneur Mindset

WARNING: You may find some of these challenging to how you currently think and believe.

1. Stay a student. Don’t let yourself ever get to the point where you know it all. If you ever do, you will find people less inclined to want to work with or help you.

2. The enemy of the entrepreneur is the entitlement mindset. The moment you think someone owes you something, you slip from being a creator and having the entrepreneur mindset to being a mere spoiled child likely to throw temper tantrums.

3. Although no one owes you a damn thing, IF someone does something for you, have gratitude. If you can master the art of never expecting but always appreciating, you will be surrounded with supporters.

4. The entrepreneur mindset is constantly evaluating HABITS not just the results of your habits. Instead of being sad-face with an empty bank account, evaluate the habits that created that empty bank account. You cannot actually change the results without changing the habits.

5. There are two things that normal people seek like they seek air to breathe that the Entrepreneur simply doesn’t require, acceptance and approval. At no stage of my life did I get consensus with my peers, friends or family members on my choices of income seeking.

teal_harrington6. You’ve heard that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, which is true, however, you also want to identify the “fires” that you want to be around for maximum growth. The events you attend, the coaches you surround yourself with and the education you consume are all fires that have the ability to ignite you, IF you choose to make the sacrifices to get around them.

7. Broke people focus on staring at their circumstances, those who go from broke to rich are the ones that have all the excuses and shitty circumstances to justify them staying broke but they instead focus on WHO they want to become and where they are going. Yes, I was in foreclosure back in 2009 but I simply didn’t focus on that. More on this topic here.

8. The entrepreneur mindset simply isn’t complete without a vision of who you want to become. Vision is what will keep you consistent when it lacks all logic to do so.

9. Ideas are NOTHING without execution. You will constantly meet people with great ideas but only few people willing to do the work and actually execute those ideas.

10. The entrepreneur mindset respects the energy of intellectual property. Broke people will have no problem downloading pirated movies, software, etc whereas the entrepreneur knows that IF they are putting that energy into the world then THEIR stuff will be the next thing pirated. At a recent event there were people that created fake wristbands to sneak into this educational training event. This is a misunderstanding of energy as the person that so desperately seeks the knowledge to locate buyers will never find them if they cheat their own buying process. The best place I know to understand this is Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

11. Broke people constantly suffer from comparitis where they are constantly feeling gloomy, jealous or insignificant due to the accomplishments of someone else. Entrepreneurs feel genuine respect for those of success and learn from them without any emotional baggage.

12. The entrepreneur mindset is one that seeks impact and the solving of problems in their marketplace. They understand that the key to making more money ISN’T getting lucky or timing something right but pumping more value into the marketplace is the sure-fire way to make more money.

So, how did you do? Agree with me? Did any one stick out for you? Comment below and let me know, feel free to share this with your business minded friends.

To Your Abundance!

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