12 Reasons People Struggle to
Sign People Up For MLM

This is a fun post on why some people struggle so hard, even when they try or at least feel like they try to sign people up for mlm. I encourage you to check each of the 21 reasons and see if there is any room for improvement for you in any area.

Systematic Reasons People Struggle to Sign People Up For MLM

1. They don’t follow a system. A good company and mentor will teach those in mlm to follow a system that works, which usually includes using third party resources and tools. If you want to struggle really badly to sign people up for mlm, then try to explain the business and the compensation plan to them without a tool such as an online video, brochure, DVD, etc.

2. They don’t follow up. It is a very rare time that a prospect attends a presentation, webinar or watches a business opportunity video and calls the person that invited them to check it out back. It is also rare that someone joins on their first interaction with someone. Follow-up is king.

3. They don’t talk to enough people. This is prevalent now with online mlm marketers. Even though I blog almost daily, I still talk to people, online and offline, every day about my mlm homebased business. If I only tried to sign people up for MLM that had contacted or reached out to me, I would NOT have built the business that I have. Talking to more people is a guaranteed way to make more money.

4. They Email Blast Everyone They Know Before Calling Anyone. You totally lose the element of surprise and it doesn’t work when you email blast everyone you know with the “you should take a look at this” email.

Belief Reasons People Struggle to Sign People Up For MLM

5. They Don’t Believe in Themselves. This is a big one. For you to sign people up, they have to believe in you and if you don’t believe in you, why the hell should they?

6. They Don’t Believe in the Product. This one is funny. It is funny to watch people sabotage themselves by joining something just to doubt it’s product and find reasons to validate their doubt, which, they always will leaving them right but unhappy.

7. They Don’t Fully Believe in MLM. If you still get thrown for a loop by a knucklehead saying “pyramid scheme”, do your homework. The 60 year old, $114 billion industry of MLM is much less a pyramid than the federal reserve, our government and most certainly social security.

Growth Reasons

8. They Lie to their coach to look good. Your coach is like your doctor, be honest so they can help you.

9. They won’t attend events. There is a reason why AA is so successful and also a reason why they force you to go to meetings. Immerse yourself in your trade and SHOW UP!

10. They only work on their business, not on themselves. Yes, you should be knowledgeable about your business but you should also work on growing yourself in the areas that are important such as creating relationships, marketing, etc.

11. They Won’t Approach Their Friends and Family. Copywriters such as Mike Dillard have made this a very popular excuse. Take it from me. If you are going to be successful in your homebased business, you want to at least invite your friends and family to check it out. That does not mean you chase them, beg them or bug them but you tell them what you are up to and invite them to check it out. The last time you pitched them may have been a bad time for them but in this economy, the chances of one of your friends or family members desiring to make more money is pretty high.

12. They won’t approach people that are more successful than they are. A lot of network marketers tend to only talk to people that really NEED to make money and that could “really use a job”. Those are typically the most closed minded individuals you could talk to whereas the wealthier someone is, usually, the more open their mind is to opportunity. If you simply went after 2-5 people you are scared of each week, you could build a huge homebased business that was as they also have the largest networks of people.

Hope you got some goodies out of this and I am looking forward to tomorrows post where I am going to give you some sample projects to do to build your homebased business! Also, a reminder that if you are in Tampa, Honolulu, Los Angelas, or Sacramento, I will be in your city this month!

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