11 Scary Facts About Finding a Job after College


Are you or someone you know worried about finding a job after college? This quick video may help them realize there are options out there.

Watch and share this quick video about 11 facts in regards to work from home options.

The Truth About Financial Planning After College

Inside the below video I share 11 facts about finding a job after college as well as the reality of financial planning after college. More and more college graduates are working minimum wage jobs and moving back in with their parents, what MOST don’t understand is there are options out there that they may not be aware of.

Why Work From Home?

My wife (recent college graduate) and I choose to work from home for many reasons:

1. There is no cap to how much money we can make.

2. We never really liked reporting to a boss.

3. We know that our business is flexible enough to adapt to any economy.

4. We enjoy it and think more people SHOULD create a life they enjoy!

Most college graduates solely focus on finding a job after college instead of even consider any work from home alternatives. We as network marketers have to do a better job to spread the word that there is a whole new world out there to help college graduates and really anyone create a better life.

Video: 11 Scary Facts about Finding a Job After College

Was that video helpful? Please share it with ANYONE who you think might benefit. Like I stressed MANY times in the video, this is NOT a doom and gloom report on how college graduates are screwed, it’s a report on what the majority of people are facing unless they KNOW work from home alternatives. Help us spread the word that ANYTHING is possible by sharing this on your social media channels and if you are already in network marketing, get to work to help college graduates realize they have options, always.

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