10 Things That Are Harder Than
Building an MLM

You hear it all the time. 97& of people that try to build an mlm fail. That indicates that it is a hard business. Well, after working in corporate America, trying to start a franchise and running my own small business, I have come to realize that there are several things that are harder than mlm. In this post I will be talking about building an mlm versus having a job.

Harder that building an mlm, especially in this economy

10. Being Expendable at All Times – In this economy, at least 99% of employers have changed the way they treat their employees as they know there are 75-100 people that would love to have that job. Even if you have been there for years, in this economy, you are quite expendable. That’s hard to take.

9. Working 40 years to retire broke – When you are building an MLM, most people expect immediate results and in a few months you can get guidance to get better at what you are doing to unlock an unlimited potential. Working for someone else, you dedicate 20-40 years to them, fighting for a measly 3-5% increase each year and hope your IRA or 401k does something magical. This is not typical. That’s tough to realize you worked for 40 years for something you will never own.

8. Trading precious hours for dollars – The reason I say precious is, well, your time is precious. Missing your kids basketball games, football games, choir, etc to remain in enslavement to someone else. As you work your way up the ladder, they naturally expect you to work more hours. You literally work your way further and further into enslavement.

7. Not having a backup plan – Do you know folks who were laid off or fired? Or their company closed down? What happened to their income stream? It went away. When you are building an MLM, it does not care if you show up to work every day or not, you consistently earn residual income from your efforts. Having the stress of zero backup plan is hard.

6. Working with people you don’t like for years – When you work for someone else, you really don’t have a choice of who you work with. You have to deal with it. Since I started building an MLM, I have only approached people I actually want to be around.

5. Company Travel – It is hard when you are forced to travel for your company. A lot of people work to support their family just to have their job force them to travel that keeps them away from their family. Some find out too late that all that traveling has damaged the relationship with their spouse past the point of no return. That’s hard.

4. Not leaving a legacy – Most businesses are not the type that can be passed down to your kids. If you are in a job, forget about it, no chance of passing that down to help your kids. One guy on my team that is building an mlm is a Doctor. He says that is NOT something he can pass own but an MLM he can very easily.

3. Having to ask for permission – As a grown man or woman, is it cool that you have to ask for permission to travel to your sisters wedding? Or your family reunion? How much freedom do you have?

2. Starting each month at zero – If you are in sales this is real easy to see. You start each month off with zero sales and have to start each month like it is brand new. In other positions it is always “what have you done for me lately”

1. Knowing you have more potential – This may be the hardest. Working for someone else when you KNOW you have more potential and could do so many more things. Keeping your power bottled up and not embracing how great you really are to make your own choices.

Why I chose building an MLM was the better way

– I own my homebased business
– It pays me forever on the time that I have put in
– It strengthens in a down economy
– It gives me time and money freedom


– I don’t have to punch a clock or punch a co-worker
– It is more secure than a job as I don’t have to rely on the market

Can you think of any other things that are harder than building an MLM?

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