Why I Used to Jump From MLM Opportunity to MLM Opportunity

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Why I Used to Jump From
MLM Opportunity to MLM Opportunity

mlm opportunityPeople that know me now would never guess that I used to be a MLM jumper that hopped from MLM opportunity to MLM opportunity. Well, it is true. Understanding why I used to do this uncovers a lot about how people operate. I was operating on auto-pilot without even understanding why. By the way, the picture to the right is NOT a pic of me, haha, just thought it was funny for this topic

Should You do More Than One MLM Opportunity?

The people that can, probably shouldn’t but most simply cannot build more than one MLM opportunity. Keep in mind, this comes from a guy that was trying to build 3 or 4 at the same time a few years ago…that sure didn’t work out!

This is nothing against those out there that tell you multiple streams of income, or, don’t put your eggs in one basket but I just don’t think that makes sense for this industry. It totally makes sense in investing strategies but I don’t think it does when it comes to the people business of network marketing.

Video: Why I was an MLM Opportunity Jumper


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mlm opportunity

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  1. says

    Thank you for remembering that we are having this conversation today thanks to our Armed Forces. Great blog, Ray! Thank you for your candor as always. Happy Memorial Day.

  2. says

    Wow! This video really makes you think about yourself and what we are doing with our own businesses. Great food for thought! Thanks Ray!

  3. says

    Watching your videos ray can speed up our learning curve. I like that 10-1 yrs and 1 – 10 yrs from mark yarnell. Much better to focus on one company and stick to it. Nathan Ricks also recommends that we also need to stick on company. Thanks For sharing Ray.

    Have a great week and God bless

    Ian Valeza :)

  4. says

    I mentioned this the other day, but it is still true. Most people expect that it will take about five years to become established in a career or to become one of the valued employees in a large company. These same people somehow feel that you should be able to excel in network marketing in a few months or a year at the most. I found a quote the other day “It isn’t about finding yourself, it is about rebuilding yourself.” That is certainly true in network marketing. Nice video Ray! Thanks for sharing.

  5. says

    I just wanted to thank you for this…. I was a jumper also, but no more. I’m writing a blog today on leadership and featuring you and my sponsor David Wood. I would love to link to this video to gel it up … Thanks again for your leadership and long term thinking….

  6. says

    Thanks Ray I needed that I am not giving up or quiting Numis unless I see you and Jess jump and then I don’t think I would anyhow. I would just wonder why. I need to here that it is not all just a bed of roses and all sweetness and goodness. I am ready to rock and roll
    Bob Koontz

  7. says

    Another point is that a laser uses just as much energy as a light bulb. The reason the laser can cut steel is that its energy is focused. Much of my failure has been due to lack of focus, so your message is well received, Ray.

  8. says

    Wow…that is definitely what I did. I realized a few months ago that I no longer want to do the MLM Waltz and now just do one. :) It’s very liberating!

  9. says

    Thanks Ray another great video. I felt you were an eye-witness to my experiences in network marketing. I am going to apply this attitude change to my business.

  10. says

    Heard the announcement that one of the “Top” reps in Numis was jumping ship for Visalus today. Everyone probably knows who & I knew it wasn’t you or Dave. Sadly I’ve seen many guys do this over the years & many of their followers follow them from deal to deal only a few years later to realize the only person making significant money is the guy who keeps jumping at the expense of those with a lack of understanding of focus that keep following. Eventually those that follow dwindle to the few that are still blindly dedicated to the “top” earner who eventually leaves the industry.

    Kudos to you Ray for breaking thru. :-)

  11. Alex Pino says

    so true I’ve done this to myself quite a lot in my business and still fight it today thinking I can do more than one thing just because I’ve gone full time. I think that might be where it started for me because I used to do biz stuff part time, when I quit job felt like I could take on so much with all the free time.

  12. Tom Merkey says


    Thanks for the wisdom of laying a proper
    foundation for Your business.

    Weren’t you offered a
    multiple 5 figure “jumping fee”
    to go to another company recently?

    I’m glad You didn’t accept it !

    Be Well,

  13. says

    Thoroughly enjoyed this post Ray and I actually watched all 17 minutes of your video! lol. You dropped a few nuggets for people to really think about. Check your mind psychology and understand your machinery! Love it. Keep up the good work.

    Continued blessings & abundance


  14. says


    This blog post has all 3 elements of a killer blog post. Your entertained, educated, and inspired.

    Keep cranking out the killer inspirational content.

  15. says

    Thank you for this post Ray! It was great to see this question answered with experience to back it up. I had hopped a couple of companies myself and have since realized that FOCUS was the secret weapon I kept leaving on my bedside table. Thank you for driving this message home!

  16. says

    Love it Ray! Excellent job explaining “WHY” people jump and they might not even realize it themselves!! Keep on keeping on! Live, Learn and GROW!!!

  17. says

    Touche’! I have been very guilty of this. About 6 yrs ago I tried many different things. I would give each company about 3 months and then move on to the next. I was quitting right when I was probably just about to see the results of my efforts. Like you, I lost people along the way. People would say “now what?” I kind of joked that I had adult ADD and while that may be true, to run a business you need to be passionate about it. And dedicated. I run two businesses now- and I am passionate about both. I have been with one almost 5 yrs and the other one almost 2 years. I had many people approach me about many things this past year, and I giggle because I know I am not passionate about their companies. A few are very interesting. But I know I can only wear so many hats, only have so many hours in a day…24 that is. I don’t need more distractions. I want more time with my family not less. Thanks for this reminder. Your illustration totally looked how mine used to. And I didn’t even have the success you did, because I quit too early.

  18. says

    Thanks Ray: I’ve thought and discussed this subject a number of times–and, sadly until now, never really got a handle on it myself. Each side of the coin has its good points. I had read Mark Yarnell quite a few years ago, and didn’t really catch the 1×10 and 10×1 reference fully. Duh!
    Thanks again, Les

  19. says

    I think there is a difference between people who jump MLM because they want to get in with the momentum of the “next big thing” versus the people who jump MLM because they learned that their old company had some unethical business practices. I know that some health MLM companies make bogus claims about their product just to build up the hype, but even if the claims were true the company still wouldn’t be in good legal standing because the claims aren’t FDA approved. Sometimes a distributor sees the light about these practices and finds it against his/her own moral values, and so jumps ship. It really applies more for health MLM companies than travel or legal or tech or coins, but there are probably some soap MLMs that claim that using it will make any guy a babe magnet. I know Axe claims that! LOL

    In any case, I do know some people who have short attention spans and do the ‘MLM waltz’ but very seldom do they ever make it to the big ranks… and the ones who do will probably jump at the next big thing as well, and bring their entire organization with them.

    Controversial issues notwithstanding, I love Heidi’s laser analogy… perfect =)

  20. Patrick H says

    I’ve definitely done my share of company jumping, and I think you’re right on learning why you do it, so that you can stop the cycle.

    I think for me, I was addicted to the excitement/rush you get when you first join a company, and everyone is rooting for you to be successful, and everything feels like one giant party. Then, the ‘honeymoon’ is over, the excitement dies down, and I long for that rush again. A shiny new bauble appears, and the temptation is there to jump.

    Hopefully, recognizing that, I can find ways to inject fun and excitement into my business everyday, so it feels that way all the time.


    P.S Thanks for the shout out to the armed forces. Active duty Navy here, so I really appreciate it.

  21. Norman says

    That was awsome Ray. I see you now in a whole different light or like you say your/my mind has changed. There is no doubt you are appropriately named the ‘Rock’


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