Where to Get More MLM Leads

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Where to Get More MLM Leads

mlm leads

Everyone wants to know where to get more leads right? Well, in this blog post I am going to share how you get MLM leads from three separate places. By the way, did you know that the masses believe you cannot build a home business unless you have MLM leads and money? Go getters just figure out where to get leads and money, there IS a difference.

Most Don’t Start with Existing MLM Leads

If you are going around town crying because you don’t have any MLM leads to talk to, there is no wonder why you are not succeeding. If I thought I had to have existing MLM leads and money to build a serious business, well, I guess I never would have.

The difference between winners and whiners

Whiners complain about what they don’t have and don’t know. Winners figure out how to get what they don’t have and learn what they don’t know. Because of the low cost of entry of network marketing, there is a plethora of people that would fall into the whiners category. Fortunately, no whiners read my blog as they think I am yelling at them so congrats on being a winner!

mlm leads3 Ways to Get MLM Leads

With an estimated 95% of people dissatisfied with their jobs and their quality of life, why do we STILL struggle to get MLM leads? Well, it is because we are too vague and make it way too complicated. Here are three quick ways to get leads for MLM:

1. How to Generate MLM Leads

You have to determine the level of ability to do this in your area but one great way how to generate MLM leads is through either bandit signs or sticky notes. Bandit signs are those colorful outdoor signs you see along the highway or busy intersections. There is a training available here – How to market with cheap bandit signs. One thing you will want to do, as taught in the training, is use a qualifying sign as you can get too many calls if you make it too simplistic. This same exact approach taught can be done with little sticky notes that you put up around town to get more MLM leads.

2. How to Go Get More MLM Leads

One of my favorite approaches to get my pipeline going is attend a bunch of meetups or local events in my area. I teach what I do on this blog – How to network at events. I love this approach as only people who want something MORE in their life will bother attending events and that is a lot easier type of person to talk to than someone who is NOT motivated to network or build their business.

3. Where to Buy MLM Leads

OK, so some people will say NEVER buy MLM leads. I think there are a few cases where you SHOULD buy them and I will explain what I mean. If you:

1. Suck on the phone or are terrified to talk to your warm market
2. Need more experience on the phone
3. Want to get your business going like yesterday

mlm leadsThen why not buy some MLM leads? I know people that ONLY buy MLM leads and that is how they built their business. The place that I suggest to buy MLM leads is here – Top MLM Leads. Let me give you a word of caution so you understand how purchased MLM leads work…

The Truth About Buying MLM Leads

Bought MLM leads are still not going to be laydown sales, you WILL still need to talk to them, qualify them and move them along in the process. When  you receive the email that you have a new lead in, call them and ask them how you can help, if they are nasty or negative, just get off the phone. Never, whether you bought the lead or not, try to convert someone who is nasty or negative, it just is not worth your time.

Get them to watch a company presentation and then ask them what they liked about what they saw. One of the, if not THE, best question to ask a bought MLM lead is: “What has recently changed in your life that has you open to a home business?” This question is frigging awesome to get them to open up. If your upline has not provided you with a place to purchase MLM leads for practice and to work with, I have a partnership with Responsive Data where you can buy MLM leads on this site. I have personally bought from this site and the leads are good quality but like I said, you STILL have to treat them like a lead, not a laydown sale. My favorite type are the local leads as I think it is a bonus if I can say I live in their area. By the way, I just learned they have a special going on where you get a percentage more leads than you pay for by using Promo code MARCHBONUS.

Go Get Those Leads for Your MLM!

Whether you decide to use one way or all three ways described in this blog, get busy and get to work on getting more people into your MLM. Don’t wait for the perfect time, just get to work!

If you like me blogging about how to get more MLM Leads, leave me a comment and tell me what you liked about this post or what you would like to see in future posts!


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  1. says

    I loved the article on MLM Leads Ray. Especially for a person like myself who came into this industry in 2004. I built my organization on purchasing leads. although I agree there are multiple ways to generate them now, I thank you for removing the stigma that buying leads is wrong.

    Thanks again,

    Lena Love

  2. says

    More great content, Ray! I have a plan to implement your sticky note / bandit sign idea soon, and will check out the MLM Leads site as well. Question – and you may answer this in your training so excuse me if you do – but what are your thoughts re: setting up special phone numbers for bandit signs/sticky notes? Is there any need to create a buffer between us and the signs via a separate number?

  3. Bill says

    Thanks for the leads information. Keep these kinds of blogs coming. It was concise, to the point and very informative.
    Thanks again.
    Bill Craven

  4. says

    Good call. Thanks again, Ray. Love these kinds of posts – and that bandit sign post you’ve linked to is great – very thorough.

  5. says

    Hey Ray,

    Thanks for providing a wealth of support and information to help anyone working in the MLM industry.

    I only wish I had you in my downline.

    keep up the good work.

    All the best.

  6. says

    I hear this all the time Ray people saying that they don’t have leads. I ask when was the last time you attended a meetup, or did anything that pushed you out of your comfort zone. Its the only question I need to ask and the silence is my answer. Leads are all around you until they talk to you. Thanks for the professional training for Network Marketing Leaders.

  7. says

    This is excellent info Ray. I love the sticky note and bandit sign idea. I’ve heard from others who have been successful being able to generate leads online and offline using this tactic. Thanks for sharing this great content!

  8. says

    This is great info Ray. I love the sticky note idea. I’ve never heard of it before. The bandit sign idea to generate leads online and offline is awesome! I’ve heard of it, but thought it was a gimmick. I’m going to give it a try. Thanks again! joe

  9. says

    Great article like always Ray. You are definitely a golden goose. I take all your advice and apply it to my business and personal life. Buying leads is a tactic I will use for my business. Thanks! Do you have a article on Phrases not to say to a cold lead?

  10. says

    Buying leads is OK Ray if time is an issue. Some people desire to set up a passive stream, and do not have the time to use attraction marketing principles to bring in leads. If that’s you, cool. Purchase and prosper. Just make sure to maintain some presence on social networks to build trust and increase conversions. Thanks for sharing.

  11. says

    U know Ray, I quickly observed the "Home Business" arena did everything OUTSIDE of Home. Hotel Meetings, Coffee Shop Meetings, Restaurant Meetings, Arrrrrrrgggggh! This is very similar to peddling. But when U have leads & prospects calling & emailing in, Then U can literally "Work From Home" Thanx For Your Tips. We should talk U know!

  12. Samuel says

    Hey Ray !!! I know how to get the phone to ring using Bandit Signs. I just havent found the “Formula” for getting a commitment yet. In 2009, I joined a company, talked to over 300 prospects in three weeks, No Sign Ups. Joined two others in 2011 but still the same result. No Sign Ups No Money. Can we talk? Thanx.

  13. says

    Hi Ray,

    Another great post as always! Thanks for sharing.. Most people say that buying leads is a financial suicide. Maybe yes maybe no but you have explained it very well here that not all leads that are bought are created equal so I think you have a good point here and will try to do it as well. Thanks again for this post.


  14. says

    This is a great post and it would be nice to get more suggestions as far as getting leads go. Perhaps something about what's the best way to call someone on the phone with appearing like a jackass to the potential prospects.

  15. says

    Great value, Ray! You, Worre, and Falcone are my NM mentors! Awesome seeing you in Vegas this weekend =)

    Hmm looking to buy those Discounted Surveyed Leads (7-30 days old). I need 10 more reps like yesterday to promote to my 3rd code. I typically sponsor 1 for every 8 or 9 people I people I expose from my warm market. How many leads do you think it would take to sponsor 10 new reps? I'm guessing 1000-2000? I'm willing to call all day every day until I promote. (And no I don't plan to duplicate this lol)


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