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Top 21 MLM Tips To Build Wealth

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Top 21 MLM Tips To Build Wealth

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I defined 7 categories that can greatly impact your network marketing career and for each category I am giving you my top 3 MLM tips for each. Use these wealth tips and create an empire for yourself!

1. Top 3 MLM Tips for Team Building

1. Be aware and conscious of upfront expectations of people joining your business. Don’t just look to “get a signup”, actually find out what the person believes it takes to build a business and adjust accordingly.

2. Get your teammates to events. This is huge. I have seen so many people fail to build their business until they attended a company convention that helped them build their belief. Great promoters of events make tons of money in this industry.

3. Do what you would want your team to do. This means that even when you reach the top of your payplan you should still be recruiting, promoting events and running events (webinars or meetings).

2. Top 3 MLM Tips for Presenting

1. Never apologize. People cannot tell you are nervous or that it is your first time..unless you tell them.

2. Imagine a power suit. Before your presentation, imagine in your mind that the outfit you are wearing is a magical suit that makes you powerful. Really feel the energy surging within you once you have it on. This is a fun way to feel more powerful for your presentations.

3. Get interaction. If more presenters of network marketing did this, it would be so very powerful. Ask your audience why they are here and what they hope to learn. If you can get the guests to voice pain before you present, you are going to have hotter prospects.

mlm tips

3. Top 3 Wealth Tips for Online Branding

1. Brand you. This is one of the biggest MLM tips I can offer you. What has had companies contact me to do speaking engagements of JV partnerships with them? The fact that I branded myself.

2. Get in the mind of your target prospects. Know what they want and what their problems are so you can answer them and have the appearance that you know exactly what is in their head.

3. Create the type of brand that would have you want to sign up with you. This is one of those MLM tips only for those with the big goals. You can easily make $100,000 a year in network marketing without any branding efforts but if you wanna make a lot more…

4. Top 3 MLM Tips for Email Marketing

1. When writing an email, speak to an individual instead of the group. This means using the word “you” more than “you guys”, etc.

2. Have one major action you want your recipients to take. This could include commenting on your blog, purchasing something or sharing information, etc.

3. Always provide value. Even when you want to sell something, provide some form of value which is defined as ways to help your target prospects gain their desires or solve their problems.

mlm tips

5. Top 3 MLM Tips for Blogging

1. Be consistent. Skipping weeks or months in between posts will never get you much traffic.

2. As mentioned before, when thinking about what to write, just write content that solves other peoples problems.

3. Have a traffic routine. In Vegas I gave out my “Traffic Blueprint” to people that attended my private mastermind. If you would like a copy, here are the two steps you need to take to get it, (1) Enter your name, email (and phone if you wanna chat) in the form in the upper right hand corner of this page and then forward the email you receive to [email protected] and I will reply with my traffic blueprint. The reason I have two steps is I am only offering this for people that see this blog post, not everyone.

6. Top 3 MLM Tips for Recruiting

1. With your warm market, don’t burn them out, just look for who’s open. Stop putting so much pressure to close Aunt Suzy and just see if Aunt Suzy is open to checking it out, then, move her along the process.

2. You NEED to know how to close before you prospect. I teach exactly how to close any type of person, regardless of your credibility in my sponsoring course.

3. Don’t be addicted to the outcome. When someone tells you no, move on, it’s really not a big deal and IF you are to become wealthy, you have to learn to get over the little stuff.

7. Top 3 Wealth Tips for Massive Riches

1. Get around the people that have the lifestyle and skills that you want. This MLM tip will change your life if you let it. When I started hanging around people that made more money than me and had more of the things in life I wanted, my life changed.

2. You don’t have to have a lot of money to make money but once you have money, be aggressive. This means buying coaching and intimacy to get to where you want to go faster.

3. Don’t permit you or your mind to see any excuses. There are people worse off than you than have succeeded far more. There are no valid excuses to not becoming wealthy, stop giving excuses any energy, they don’t serve you.

I hope you enjoyed my 21 MLM tips to get wealthy, share with someone you think could benefit!

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  1. Hi Ray
    Thank you so much for your 21 MLM Tips.
    I’ll be reading them over and over until I know it off by heart.
    Your posts are inspiring and informative, and I’ll definitely be following your posts in the future.

    I am new to Network Marketing and I’ve realised that I have so much to learn. My most profound realisation has been that I have to change my thinking, which will change my behaviour and which in turn will change my future. This is where your blogs fit in: they provide a paradigm shift with regards to how I’ve been taught to make money and what is required to be financially free.
    Keep up the GOOD WORK!

    Glisson J. Heldzinger

  2. Oh dear.. 10 out of 21 isn’t enough right?? At least I know what I need to improve in order to succeed! Thanks for sharing, and I will see you on the next No Excuses meeting :)

  3. Basic but profound! Great Job my friend…

    John Pate

  4. Very smart tips,and very simple,thanks alot.

  5. Great post Ray! Thanks for all the valuable tips!

  6. Hi Ray,

    Great tips as always. Thanks so much for sharing:)

    My favorite one ->” Don’t permit you or your mind to see any excuses. There are people worse off than you than have succeeded far more. There are no valid excuses to not becoming wealthy, stop giving excuses any energy, they don’t serve you.”

    It was hard to choose one, but I like this because this is the main reason MOST people don’t do anything!


  7. Great content as usual Ray You become a product of your enviroment In 3 years you will make the avg of your 5 closest people Think about it and look around Who or what am I becoming!! Make it a great day Roman

  8. It was so great to see you in Vegas again Ray. This is a really jam packed article…lots and lots of goodies!!! Thanks for always providing such excellent advice and leadership. You rock!

  9. Thanks for sharing! Invaluable information as always.

  10. Ray, not everyone that has done it can teach others how to do it. However, you are one that can and does. I put you in the same class as Tony Robbins, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Dale Calvert, Doug Firebaugh and Onyx Coale just to name a few. Thanks for your generous heart in sharing what you have learned from others.

  11. Spot on Bro!

    Sorry to have missed you in Vegas!

    Had to break a record. :)

    Speak soon!

  12. Tips??? They ought to be called nuggets! I can really put this to good use the next time someone asks me what the three secrets are to MLM success!

    I gotta love ’em all, but your routine is worth it’s weight in gold my friend.

    Thanks for all the support!

  13. Thanks for the "Tips" Ray. Sure enjoyed meeting you in Vegas! Great time, Great event. So looking forward to implementing what I learned! Been doing too much learning and not enough "doing"!

  14. Thanks for the great tips Ray. Awesome as always.

  15. Thank you so much, Ray, for all of the incredible value you are always sharing:) You are definately ONE OF A KIND my friend! Thank you for providing so much to this community of networkers….I am realizing that every time I read one of your posts, it makes me want to go the "extra" mile to be as successful as you! I WILL!

  16. Thanks Ray! Very valuable content, I always enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up my friend, you help us all keep motivated to succeed on a daily basis….

  17. As always Ray, great tips to learn from and follow. I appreciate all the value and content you consistently deliver.

    Thanks again :)


  18. Phenomenal!

  19. Hi Ray,

    I LOVE your sincerity and generous offer. I am going to get your traffic blueprint. YOu have covered so much gems in just one post! My best pick is – "There are people worse off than you than have succeeded far more. There are no valid excuses to not becoming wealthy, stop giving excuses any energy, they don’t serve you." Have a Wonderful Giving Life!

  20. Hi Ray,

    I LOVE your sincerity and generous offer. I am going to get your traffic blueprint. YOu have covered so much gems in just one post! My best pick is – “There are people worse off than you than have succeeded far more. There are no valid excuses to not becoming wealthy, stop giving excuses any energy, they don’t serve you.” Have a Wonderful Giving Life!

    Hi Ray,

    I LOVE your sincerity and generous offer. I am going to get your traffic blueprint. YOu have covered so much gems in just one post! My best pick is – “There are people worse off than you than have succeeded far more. There are no valid excuses to not becoming wealthy, stop giving excuses any energy, they don’t serve you.” Have a Wonderful Giving Life!

    PS: Sorry about the double entry – the last one did not come up with my face :)

    Viola Tam

  21. Ray – excellent post. I am new to you and your work. I’ve been in MLM on and off – since Amway (1985)!?!? Never got anywhere due to my thinking. Your information is priceless. Thanks for giving.

  22. am amazed at your capacity to crank out these blogs…terrific! thanx for the info..good stuff as usual from you

  23. Great tips Ray. It is very helpful!

  24. Hey Ray!

    What a scoop…

    I gotta admit that seeing you speak was one of the things I looked most forward to at NES3. I was disappoint that I arrived late and only caught the last half of your presentation. (No excuses, right…I CHOSE to leave late…)

    Anyway, thanks for this. Now I know what I missed!


  25. AWESOME post Ray! You’re a massive inspiration to me and I love reading what you have to offer. Thanks a ton man!


  26. I SECOND what Joan has said! You continue to add value, don't know if this is a good comparision but you remind me of "the seinfeld" or "the simpsons" of RELEVANT and GOOD content, KEEP IT UP!

  27. Nice, thanks so much, glad you like!

  28. Haha, you got it bro

  29. Thanks John

  30. Thanks Casey

  31. Welcome Alex!

  32. Yes! Mine too!

  33. Amen Roman

  34. Thanks Michelle, you rock!

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  39. We had fun!

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  50. Haha, meaning I make you laugh? lol Thanks Dennis

  51. Great tips Ray, and you came from the Real Estate industry and anybody who is successful in Real Estate is usually much more successful in Network Marketing as a Career, because Real Estate is Networking and Marketing so it's a natural transition and so again, you were already a very accomplished professional in the industry and didn't even know it until you got in it! LOL! So, yes, Ray is right again, (dang, do I really have to admit that! :)) And again, this advice isn't new but process or lack thereof is what most don't master, and I even have some sticky spots, at times, but process and processes must be mastered like you said Ray, and being able to make a sale (no matter how simple it may be to do as a process) is hard for most people because there is always a little tension at that time and just because of that few minutes or so of being kinda uncomfortable while wrapping it up as they say, most people live all or most of their lives afraid of this one unavoidable instance, and throw their future to the wind or out the window. One of the two. :) With that, make it a great weekend and Good Day! HF. PS. Oh, last thought, a women and her husband (the Hodges) were in Real Estate, and still are, and have made millions in this industry from what I found out, since they are working with myself and the VP of the Co I'm with. So people in your industry Ray that see the light in the Network Marketing industry that are savvy usually crush it to use a way worn out pun! Chaio. HF

  52. Ray, This is awesome, so awesome, I decided to schedule a webinar on it tomorrow night for my affiliates in my system. I know I say this to you all the time but you are what I call a TRUE 21st century MLM Team Builder. One that truly help people become successful, not just sell product or just recruit for the sake of recruiting but for the sake of truly helping people which in turn creates longer lasting income. Like you said on a blog a while back. Do you want to be a top recruiter or a top money earner? Your blog is my resource of powerful nuggets.

    There just not enough real leaders like you out there. One that provide resources and great balance of online and offline strategies that works.

  53. 7 blog posts in one! Thank you!

  54. Thank you for the tips this has helped me position myself as a top leader, helping others generate thousands of residual income each month. I have learned so much thank you..After taken action things have just been on autopilot.

  55. thanks for all the mlm tips, i will put it to good use in my business!
    again thanks!
    Dave Lee

  56. These are great tips. Your #1 tip caught my attention right away. I have heard that you are not disappointed with what you find; but you are disappointed with what you expected to find. Thank you so much for sharing.

  57. Hello
    I saw that you know of reliable sources of web traffic. I am ready to spend money to get good results. So can you tell me what are the best services for high quality traffic? I would like to build large downline in some MLM programs (Go Fun Rewards, Savings Highway, Penny60pro and some other programs) I went through several techniques but I still can not build large downline . Can help me by giving me some information?

  58. Like the cut of your jib! And as an MLM pro would love your opinion.

  59. Awesome Post Buddy, Just Found This. Ton of Vale As Always, Pleasure To Be Working With You.

  60. As always, awesome stuff Ray! You're gold brother.

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  62. Excellent tip!!!

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