Get More Network Marketing Leads This Year

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Get More Network Marketing Leads This Year

network marketing leads

Want more network marketing leads but don’t understand Internet marketing? Stay tuned, this will share how I started and how you can too!

Watch this short video to learn how to get network marketing leads NOW, even if you don’t have a great website or blog.

When I Started…

I started fooling around with online MLM strategies back in 2009 and got consistent with it in 2010. A LOT of the things I hear new marketers say they HAVE to have to start generating network marketing leads online, I just didn’t have.

Here’s what I didn’t have when I started:

– A good-looking site. In the video I even share a story where I was at an event and another marketer commented on how ugly my site was (from stage) lol

– A great camera

– Professional photos

– A logo

– A capture page

You see, when I started this journey of marketing online, I sure as hell hoped I could generate some network marketing leads but I didn’t generate that many but I also didn’t have a lot of things in place that we do now.

You Can Start Now

So if you are in a similar position as I was, NOT having all those things that some people say are needed for online MLM marketing success, good news! I am going to share with you what you can do right now to STILL get more network marketing leads coming to you.

By the way, on Monday, January 6th a special guest trainer and I are doing a webinar to help you create your 2014 marketing plan, you can register here for this Free Webinar

However, until then, watch this short video to learn what you can do TODAY to start getting more network marketing leads.

Video: Network Marketing Leads and Getting Them BEFORE You Have Everything Setup

Was that video helpful? IF you have been procrastinating on taking action to get more marketing out there…well, how is that working for you? Follow the advice in the above video and get your network marketing leads machine cranking for 2014!

Would love to hear your comments if you know you have been waiting to have everything perfect BEFORE you started marketing. Feel free to share this with others if you got benefit.

To Your Abundance!

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PS: If you want a step by step blueprint on how to get more network marketing leads coming to you, register for our upcoming FREE webinar here

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  1. Daniel J Pollack says

    As always Ray, great info. Your blog used to be ugly, now it's the model to follow. Thanks for all your effort, time, b,s&t you put into leading the way.

  2. Daneece Romine Hernandez says

    Thanks for the encouraging words. As always you inspire me to keep going.

  3. says

    Hey Ray….I get what you are saying about not having everything perfect and it does take time to get established when starting out in this industry. I always love your training and look forward to learning new tips this year!

  4. says

    Ray, Thanks as always, Just got to make my beautiful Web site do the work now!…Just joking!… Thanks… My New Years resolution!… Stop horsing around and Just Do It!… So I'm trying for a Blog and a Video a Day… I know that it will take at least a month to get there!…But that's the Goal!…. because it's not just the Blog Writing but the Posting On Purpose, the SEO, and then the distribution that needs to be done…and similarly for the Video….Just Do It!

  5. says

    Great message to kick off 2014!
    It’s something I heard Mike Litman say years ago “You don’t have to get it right, just get it going!”
    Too many sit and wait for everything to be ‘perfect’, when they’re losing the value of learning by doing, pushing ahead, and making mistakes.

  6. Howard says

    I sometimes think what can I possible add that Ray and others of his caliber have not already said better? But then I think of the others that need to hear from people that are still in the struggle and not there yet. They might also need to hear personal stories unique to me.

    Thanks Ray for sharing your tips. I look forward to jabbing it and giving a big right hook in 2014.

  7. says

    I like the “just do it now” message . It sparks of action and a pathway to results. Hey Ray, I got the “Go for No book” by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, that you recommended. Keen to get started on that strategy.
    Thanks again for your training and tips.

  8. says

    Always, always right on point Ray! I was one who was trying to make everything perfect before I started anything. I made a decision last week that this is the year that I break free from the corporate game, so I am running hard – everyday – to make that happen. My website isn't perfect, I don't have a system nailed down, but I am doing something everyday to get to where I want to go. Consistency is my new best friend. Thank you for continually providing the value that you do – I know you are changing more lives than just mine!

  9. Josefina Hart says

    Thank You so much Ray for those valuable tips. You have been an inspiration for me. I had learned a lot from you.
    Happy New Years to you and your lovely wife.

  10. says

    Leap and build wings
    Imperfect Action beats InAction

    Great message Ray and its not about the bells & whistles or sizzle…its about U and connecting with people. Huge believer in Tony Robbins philosophy of Flip the Switch.

    Your videos are awesome and wishing you and all entrepreneurial successes in 2014

  11. Kimberly Peart says

    Ray, Thanks for the boost!! Haven’t done so great the last two months. I’m raring to go now. Setting up my website today

  12. says

    Resonated with me Ray! As a newbie to online marketing I've been hesitant to 'start', simply because I worry about what I look like, what I sound like, what to say… Just START!!

  13. says

    Just do it! Thanks Ray for your great advice that you freely give and your warm engaging tone. You make me feel like you're my good buddy and that we're in this together.

  14. says

    It’s real simple. Get started now providing value (blogging,videos,articles,etc). As you go you’ll get better. What usually holds people back is the fact that they care what other people think. To be successful marketing online we have to throw ourselves out there and get comfortable getting uncomfortable.Have a good one!

  15. says

    Great video, Ray. To get more leads this year I’m taking my business offline and hitting the streets. After four years of online efforts, I’ve just realized that I’m better at old school MLM. It’s easy to talk to people and there are lots of prospects out there in day to day life. I like your post and blog and appreciate all you do for the MLM Community. Happy New Year!

    Chuck Holmes

  16. says

    Being a perfectionist . . . this truly hit the sore spot. We see/hear all the time about "first impressions," and despite what's on the outside (web, blog, etc.), it's what we're projecting from within that matters the most "from the start." Thanks Ray!

  17. says

    Awesome video, Ray! A lot of people do spend time getting ready to get ready. They tweak every little thing and it doesn’t see the light of day. It doesn’t have to be perfect just put it out there. Once it’s out there you can get feedback along the way and you have taken action and started the process.

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