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3 Steps to Generating 74 MLM Leads Per Day Using Craigslist

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3 Steps to Generating 74 MLM Leads Per Day Using Craigslist

This is a guest blog post from my good friend and teammate, Ron Gelok. Ron is one amazing dude and in this blog he is going to show you the 3 steps to follow and how he is getting up to 74 leads per day, calling him, by using craigslist!

How my 11 year old brother and I generate 74 leads per day

If you have never generated a lead before in your life, well that’s all about to change after reading this. What you are about to learn is so easy that I actually hired my 11 year old kid brother to do this for me. Using this popular website that you have heard of or used I have been able to get as high as 74 MLM leads in a single day with no previous experience or super powers.

I love this strategy because literally anyone can do it (even my 11 year old brother)! In network marketing there are tons of different things that work to recruit and generate MLM leads with. However, you gotta ask yourself, “is what I’m doing duplicatable? Can my team do what I am doing?” It’s not what works it’s what duplicates over and over and over and craigslist marketing is so easy a caveman can do it. If what you’re doing now won’t work 50 levels down from you, well you might want to reevaluate what you’re doing. You need to be duplicatable if you want the long term income, period.

Why Craigslist Marketing for MLM Leads?

Craigslist is one of the highest trafficked websites in the world and its full of people looking for opportunity. is a website used to advertise things you are selling, events, jobs, oddball things, and pretty much whatever you can think of. We are keeping it very simple today, no crazy image ads, or sending them to a website. YOU DO NOT NEED A WEBSITE OR INTERNET MARKETING SKILLS TO DO THIS.

What Do You Physically Do To Get Craigslist Leads in The Next 24 hours?

Step 1 Set up a free google voice account so all of your leads are not going to your cell phone while you’re busy doing other things. You want your leads going into google voice because its an easy an simple way to manage your leads and you don’t have to answer the phone every time they call.

Step 2 Set up your voice mail that says, “Hello There, thank you for calling the office of XXXXXXX. If you are calling this number its most likely from the ads on craigslist. We are currently receiving high volume of calls. Please leave your name, number, and what separates you from all the other people calling this ad and you will be contacted within 48 hours. “

Step 3 Post Your Ad

  • Go to your State and City
  • Go sales jobs
  • Post Your Add (be sure to click submit at the very bottom of each page)
  • Confirm your add in your email account- this makes your ad go Live so others can see it on craigslist
  • You Must Call your Leads in your Google Voice account

You do not have to register a craigslist account to post ads. Realize that some of your ads will get flagged, deleted, and your email address could be blocked from craigslist. When this happens just understand that it is part of the game, not a big deal, and that you can make another email address and do the same exact thing. I find that my magic number for posting ads is 5-10 every 1-2 days. However, you really want to posting in the area you live in. Its powerful when you can bring your craigslist lead to a local meeting in your area.

Sample Ad
Title Line – Promoters Wanted
$750-$1500 per month part time
No Experience Required, Will Train
Call 239-xxx-xxxx (this is your google voice number)


What about the Lead Quality of Craigslist MLM Leads?

The quality of craigslist MLM leads are pretty mixed but overall I’m very happy  with them. I’ve spoken with the VP of a fortune 500 company, bankers, marketing CEO, salesmen with 20 years experience with teams under them, but I have also spoken to people who don’t have any professional experience, who are on welfare, who are in foreclosure, who are absolutely crying out for opportunity to slap em in the face so they can pull themselves out with your help.  That’s whats beautiful about network marketing is that regardless of who you are or where you may have come from the opportunity is exactly the same for everyone, so truly anyone can be successful in this industry and create the life of your dreams.

Posturing Yourself on the Phone with the Craigslist Leads

It comes down to your posture. Before I jump on the phone I take a deep breath and focus before each call, pump myself up a little and dial.  When I am on the phone I am a bada$$ entrepreneur who is very very busy and looking for some quality people to enter into my company and help me build.

My attitude is I don’t have time for tire kickers cause you will have tons of other leads waiting for your call. You don’t NEED anyone to join your business, they need you and that’s how you keep your power. After all you are building a multimillion dollar business so you better treat it like one. You are the one who holds the power, your business is essentially a treasure chest that only you have the key to, but for those who qualify themselves to you, you can let them look at the gold and silver inside and if they want some of that treasure then they are going to have lock arms with you and join your business.

Ray taught me to posture myself on the phone and be confident. Since I have done that my recruiting has gone up, I feel better as a person, and my phone calls are a lot of fun because I have full control.

Local Mojo and Craigslist Marketing

The other thing in combination with posture that will take this entire strategy to another level is to invite your leads to your local meeting. Imagine how your business looks when you show up with 5-10 prospects when everyone else has 1 or 2. This is why I say stay local. I believe live meetings/events are better for recruiting then an online video, the online presentations are very very good and I use them every day for people that are not in my area. Pretty simple, hmm I wonder if my team can do this?

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You have the ability to do this and there are people out there that need your help.  Someone needs to hear your story, it can potentially change someone’s life! Realize that you have greatness inside of you and by doing this business and helping so many people accomplish their dreams you unleash that greatness.  Take action and make it happen. –Ron Gelok

From Ray

Ron is a perfect example of being creative and powerful as an entrepreneur, encourage you to seek him out and chat with him if you have questions. If you want more marketing granola to crunch on, and would like a free 2 week mentorship with me, check out these marketing DVD’s and if you purchase, you will get mentorship with me as a bonus.

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Ray Higdon

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  1. I like the creativity of this post! The fact of the matter is there are many ways to generate leads, and we just need to focus on 1 and get out there and do it!

  2. That is so simple I feel kind of dumb that I didn’t think of it. I have a terrible attention to the details of figuring out Craigslist, all the attempts at image ads has been Epic Fail for me. But THIS I can Do! Ron comes up with the coolest stuff that works.

  3. What does Ron say once he gets them on the phone? How does he present his opportunity? An example script to use as a framework would be amazing!!! Excellent training!

  4. Ray, That is an excellent, EASY to follow strategy by Ron.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Awesome Ray! I just posted an ad and already had a Lead call me. Rock On!

  6. Great Post!!!
    I’ve heard of marketing on craigslist but never really knew a strategy for making it work, Ron has laid out an AWESOME strategy here…
    I will have to test it out…

    Billee Brady

  7. Great method! Only problem is that CL is starting to charge for ads posted! I just made an ad and they wanted to charge me $25!

    Is there a way to circumvent this fee?

  8. This was a really good post. My only question is how can you post ads without an email and phone verification on Craigslist? Is it due to the category?

  9. Awesome post Ron! I knew you would be good since your facebook training. I’m implementing this strategy right away!

    Thanks for sharing this Ray!

  10. Very creative indeed. I’m going to implement this strategy right away. Thanks a ton for all the value. Cheers – Sidz

  11. Wow! I was really looking for a way to recruit leads fast. This is definitely a MUST try.

    Thanks for the info Ray and Ron.

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  17. Shoot Ron an email

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  21. You are welcome, Ron Rocks

  22. I’d reach out to Ron and ask him

  23. Simple stuff usually works =)

  24. Any one way will typically generate plenty of leads

  25. Hello Ray and Ron, a great post on 3 Steps to Generating 74 MLM Leads Per Day Using Craigslist. Thanks, Andrew

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  29. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ron!!

    This method of getting leads really rocks. I followed your advice placed my ad on craigslist today and not even one hour later I was receiving my first call.

    On fire now!!

    Jesus Pina

  30. thats awesome jesus! pretty simple huh

  31. I’m really happy you guys are generating tons of leads with this. I’m getting tons of phone calls and emails of people generating their first leads online in less than 24 hours. Bam!!! connect with me at or on my fan page at

  32. Ray, both you and your guest rock!!! This post is filled with awesome action taking information. Thanks for sharing this!

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  38. Awesome post, Ray and Ron. I actually read this post the day it was put out but didn’t comment until now because I wanted to try this strategy to see if it works. I have to tell you that it flat out works. I’ve seen results from using the strategy just as outlined in the post. Thank you guys for sharing.


  39. I would like to reach out to Ron now that I have a google voice account set up and I am ready to go. I couldn't find his contact into?

  40. I thought Craigslist didn't allow MLM ads…

  41. Craigslist doesn't know it will lead to MLM.

  42. If anyone in the jersey shore is looking to be a part of one of the best mlm business, contact me. (starts with v and ends in a).

  43. How do you get past Craigslist not flagging your account when you're posting 5-10 times every 1-2 days? Even if an individual deletes the original add and reposts it in this same time frame, the account can still get flagged.

  44. how tell people it’s a mlm, or how to invite people to a meeting when they call back???

  45. On the 22nd of Feb, the one starting with a V and ending in A hit Australia (as said by Justin Saint Roberts) and it hit hard, there are already people making full time income from part time work! If you want to be at the top of the chain and get training from the people making the real $$$. Contact me.

  46. Hi Ray,

    I am trying to setup free google voice account but i am not getting any such options

    could you please help me out

    Thanks and regards

  47. Ray concerning Ron's post: this is a fantastic post, its really eye-opening, kickass, and totally beneficial and more. You can supersize that for me. Its at the top of my Do Now List…Looking forward to shaking your hand in SD this Nov. Headed over to Google Voice now…

  48. Hi Santosh,

    To sign up for Google Voice simply go to and search for Google Voice. It should be the first organic result.

    If you do not see it, that could be because the service is not available in your country.

  49. this was great.. i just set up my google voice and posted some ads.. lets see how i do. thanks for everything you do!!!!

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