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Network Marketing Success Requires Phone Marketing!

Network Marketing Success Requires Phone Marketing

Today you are going to learn a very important marketing lesson. Always consider your perfect MLM prospect with all of your marketing. In a day where everyone wants to hear how easy and automatic stuff is with using the Internet..learn why I spread the unpopular message that network marketing success requires you to get on the phone and even call your warm market. Lets go!

Most Marketers Wanna Use a “System”

Most Network Marketers nowadays wanna “use a system” and this means different things to different people. Many desire a system that prevents them from talking on the phone. These are the same people that have fallen for non-phone requiring systems many times before that didn’t work but still are searching for that holy grail of automated devices to prevent them from getting better on the phone. They are typically very easy to sign up into your network marketing business but rarely have success.

90% of The Work Required to Get MLM Duplication..is in the Expectations

People wonder why I am NOT the #1,2,3,4 recruiter in my company but am the number one earner..I like to think it is because I speak to the exact type of MLM prospect I want to bring in and I use full candor with them BEFORE they join. This means telling them the unpopular message that if they want to make fast money, to call their warm market (and stop being more addicted to their ego than the idea of helping people that are open) and prospecting.

Let me be very clear, I know I could sign up a ton of reps into my company if I started chanting how they never had to get on the phone and how calling friends and family is stupid but that would not be congruent with the people I have seen have success. I speak to the exact person I want, the person that IS willing to get on the phone, wants to get better and is NOT coming to the Internet out of weakness but out of a desire to use tools to connect with more people.

Selling to the “system seekers” that desire never getting on the phone will get you signups but probably very little duplication. So, lets take all this in and ask yourself the question..are you marketing to get a signup or are you marketing to get your perfect person? Because I spend so much time training and coaching the people that join my team, I have no desire to bring in people with false expectations but those that want someone to finally be real with them and tell them what they NEED to hear, not want to hear.

Network Marketing Tips Requires Phone Networking


Is it Possible to Have Success in MLM without the Phone?

The reality is that it is possible but it takes a LOONNGG time and a lot of very hard work that most people are NOT willing to do. When their “system” does not produce a check to them in their first month, non-phone users get distraught, find the next guru to sell them a phone-less system and start the process all over.

If your goal is to make money, get better on the phone. If you can close on the phone better, you don’t need to get a million leads a day or a ton of traffic. When you are evaluating which MLM leader to join, look to the one that is going to be your coach not your friend and is going to tell you what you KNOW you need to hear.

Back to the question, what does your marketing say about the person you want to recruit in your business? Does your marketing say you are desperately seeking system loving phone haters? If so, that may be a tough message to get out there if your true goal is residual income that pays you year after year after year.

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