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Multi-Level Marketing Defined!


So the other night we held a meeting at a hotel and someone asked me the question, “What is MLM?” Now, most people above the age of 30 I would say has had some sort of experience with Network Marketing but how do you explain it to someone who has never heard of it? This blog will help answer the question as well as teach you how you can easily explain what MLM is.

What is MLM or Multi-Level Marketing?

First, let me share with you how I answered the question. One of my teammates had shared with this person in the lobby that our company was an MLM company which prompted the “what is mlm” question that she asked to me. I told her that MLM stood for Multi Level Marketing and it was a way for someone to start their own home based business to create additional income without having a lot of start up money.

Notice how I answered it. Very simply and I didn’t actually say what it was but instead said what it did. That is good marketing. Good marketing should NOT be what something is but rather what it does. MLM is a way for you to have your own home based business without paying for product research, buying a ton of inventory, dealing with expensive software, paying a huge franchise fee, worrying about employees, or being stuck with trying to figure out your own marketing plan. Feel free to borrow my answer next time someone asks you the What is MLM question. =)

What is Multi Level Marketing

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Another Smart Way to Answer the Question

Another smart way to answer the “what is multi level marketing” question is to state what attracted you to it based on your experiences. Some people operate under the misconception that you should always just answer a question and let it be. Understanding why someone might be asking the question and how you can best answer it to increase their interest is a much smarter way to go, let me give you an example.

I had worked in corporate America and just hated the idea of working year after year for someone else without building equity into something I actually owned so I wanted to own my own business. The only problem was I didn’t have a ton of money to rent commercial space and I certainly didn’t know what I would even do for a business so the idea of MLM is you can start your own business, working from home, without a huge upfront cost and the company will help you achieve success.

How MLM is Different Than a Standard Small Business

The biggest problem of a standard small business is the business usually ends up owning you, not the other way around. Meaning, you leave corporate America to start your own business and trade working 9-5 for working 9-9. On top of that, small businesses require a lot of capital usually and usually owners are stuck in the doing and away from the marketing and locating new customers, which, is a formula for disaster.

With multi level marketing you don’t have to worry about the doing, ALL you have to work on IS the marketing and locating new customers. The company handles the shipping, customer support, product research and development and all YOU have to do is get the word out. And the best part is, you have someone (your upline) dedicated to helping you learn how best to get the word out. This too is different than a standard small business in that you usually cannot find simple support to help you market your business.

Participation: What Made You Choose MLM?

I shared with you why I got involved in multi level marketing. If you are currently involved in an MLM, tell me why you got involved? What got you to see the opportunity? **Please try to answer this without pitching your product. Leave me a comment on WHY you like the BUSINESS model of MLM at the bottom of this page, looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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