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Building a Network Marketing Business


I have been building my network marketing business fulltime for a few years now. There are a couple types of people, with certain traits, that I have never seen had experience network marketing success. In this post I will share the two types so you can avoid being one and also know where not to get your hopes up.

Type 1 – The Big Shot

This is the person that before they have ever recruited a person they tell you how bigtime they are, how many people they are going to recruit and how everyone else is a joke compared to what they are going to do. This person that talks rather than proves, flaps lips instead of turn apps, is going to have a very tough time building their network marketing business.


Well, I have been fooled more than once by someone who impressed me either by past performance, credibility or size of network. However, not once have I had someone tell me how bigtime they are and actually go and do it. I believe for a couple reasons.

1. If they have had prior network marketing success, they are unwilling to do the actions that made them successful in the past and are now a prima donna.

2. They are looking at their network marketing business as some sort of short term “deal” that they can blow up quickly, which, is very rare, at least, and for it to be sustainable.

What to do if you have a braggart

The number one rule is don’t get too excited. I have seen people get uber excited over a prospect or someone they have enrolled just to be really depressed when they don’t do squat. You also don’t want to brag to everyone and their mother on how great this person is going to be, let them prove it. Tell them that once they hit a certain rank you will introduce them to the founders or other leaders of the company versus introducing them to the leaders as the next great thing.

Type 2 – The Finger Pointer

This can be an even tougher one to figure out but I will make it real simple for you. This is the person that tells you why they are not having success or why their team is not duplicating. They may point to the price, product, compensation plan, color of folder included in package, etc. It will appear they really want to build but they will constantly point outside of their own practices to being the reasons they are not having network marketing success.

It makes sense right? To avoid being wrong, lazy or a non-producer, lets just blame it on something else. Let me give you a great example on someone I was totally fooled by…

I enrolled this person who had enrolled roughly 1,000 people into a prior company and was really sharp on the phone. I was excited (this guy actually turned out to be both types of people that cannot build, lol) After he joined he was adamant that the type of people he recruited would want to be paid via a debit card, not a paper check (which is what our company was doing at the time). I liked the idea as well  so I went to the founders and talked to them about it and voila, a month later, we had a debit card, surely now the guy would produce right? Wrong. He just came up with another reason why there was a problem, never pointing the finger at his non-producing self, but at the company.

Moral of the story: the people that are going to produce may not agree with everything but will produce anyway. When I started with my network marketing business our website sucked, the materials sucked, the back office sucked, the compensation plan was not as good as it is now, but I built anyway. If you have someone in your downline that is constantly suggesting reasons outside of themselves they are not producing, give them some time off, do the takeaway and go produce yourself proving it can be done. Anytime you find yourself looking outside of you as the reason you are not producing, re-read this blog post =)

“Don’t look for things to be easier, look for you to be better” – Jim Rohn

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