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Do you want your team to be more motivated?

If you want them showing up and taking action, this will help.

Here I share exactly how to motivate your team without burning yourself out as a leader.

How To Motivate A Team Member Into Action

Something to remember when trying to motivate a team member into action is not to coach the non-coachable. And this is something I follow daily.

I don’t coach the non-coachable, and that is freedom. If someone asks my advice, I will give it to them with zero addiction that they will follow it. They follow it? Awesome. They don’t follow it? It’s what it is.

So my suggestion to you would be instead of trying to motivate that team member that you’re trying to into action, go get new team members because you going and doing that work is actually more motivating than your brave-heart speech you would be trying to give the non-coachable teammate.

The leaders that come and say, “How do I get my people doing more?” I tell them, “How do we get you not requiring them to do more?” It sounds funny.

It sounds funny, but the best thing you could do for your team is build a new one and let them see that. Let them see you doing the work that you wish that they were doing. Stop wishing and stop trying to game plan.

Learn to lead by example and show them exactly what you’re looking to do. They will get the message once they see.

The vision of who I want to become is more powerful than my ability to be distracted, and that’s something I follow daily. I can’t be distracted. Go ahead. Try it. Have a dog bite me. Have a car hit me. It’s not going to happen. I’m not going to get distracted. I’m going to march down that damn path until we reach the mountain of impact that I’m wanting to reach or until there’s no more blood flowing through the veins. That’s it. That’s how we do this.

Keep on your path. Stop being so easily distracted with team members. You as the leader can tell someone how to create success, but you can’t tell them how to want to create success. They have to get there in their own.

So work on being the inspiration, rather than trying to motivate a team member.

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