Today I will answer the question, “Should I buy network marketing leads?”

First, I’m going to cover the biggest misunderstanding around buying leads. Next I will talk about if you do buy leads, what to do. Lastly I’m going to share with you my biggest suggestion when talking to these leads and also I’ll even give you a place where you can buy leads if you would like.

Maybe you’re looking to buy leads because you either don’t want to reach out to people that you know or you’ve tried to reach out to people that you know and they rejected you. Number one, know that there are ways to reach out to people that you know that should not make you feel rejected and we cover that on this blog and one our YouTube channel, just look for scripts. We have a lot of scripts on our channel so make sure you subscribe. You can search the channel for them. Number two, there is another option too which we’ll talk about in this post versus buying leads or not.

What is the biggest misunderstanding around buying leads?

The biggest misunderstanding is assuming that they’re just super lay down, easy sales. I have seen people that buy leads and then they’re like, “yeah, I called and four of them didn’t answer and a couple said “no”.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Buying leads isn’t buying sales. You’re buying leads of people that at one point in time……. (So this depends on how you bought the leads and who’s selling you the leads. See, there’s real-time leads like someone just opted into a form and you get that lead right away or there’s leads that have been around for a little bit.) ….some of the leads that you may be buying or calling on, they entered their information a month ago. I assure you they don’t even remember. They don’t even remember what website they were on, they may not even remember what they were looking for at the time. Leads are going to vary on difficulty but it’s just extremely rare for you to buy leads and everyone’s a “yes.” It’s not going to happen.

It’s your mindset. It’s you thinking that they’re going to be super easy lay down sales, that’s a big mistake because you can get good at calling leads and making sales from these leads but if you think that they’re all going to be easy then you’re going in with the wrong ammunition. You’re going in with the wrong kind of thinking. Know that yes, if you do buy leads (at least from a reputable source) then they’re going to be people that probably entered their information on a website. Varying how long ago, so that’s something I would ask. If you’re buying leads, ask them. “How old are these leads?” If they’re older than a month then just know you’re going to be starting from scratch with these people. They won’t remember anything that they ever entered (keep that in mind). No matter how old the lead they are never going to be lay down sales even if they are real-time leads.

What to do if you buy leads. 

If you do go the route of buying leads, make sure that you don’t just quit all of your other marketing and prospecting. I see people that buy leads and then they’re like “yeah, I don’t do Facebook anymore because I just buy leads.” Well, okay you’re buying leads, wouldn’t you like to generate leads too? Why not have both as an option? I would always be putting marketing out there to try to attract people to you. Yes, you can probably always find places to buy leads but why not free leads? Why not get some leads coming into you? Learn a little bit about growing your marketing, learn attraction marketing to attract more people to you.

This is something I was very serious about when I got serious about network marketing is I wanted to build a marketing way to get more people reaching out to me and I did and a lot of my very best leads came that way. Just because you’re buying leads (if you do, of course) don’t forget that there’s other free marketing that you could be doing. The best of which right now are the short videos like Instagram reels, Facebook reels and TikTok. If you’re not doing those because you’re buying leads, I think that’s a mistake. I think you should be. I think if you look into buying leads and that’s the only play you ever do, then I think there’s a little bit of intellectual laziness there. Why not learn a little bit of marketing to start generating at least some leads on your end and for free.

Let’s hear from you!

I would love to hear from you before we get to my last point. Have you bought leads before? What was your experience? Was it horrible and terrible? Was it bearable? One big question is were you prepared for how it was going to be? Was it as expected or did you have some really high expectation? I bet if you had a high expectation then you were maybe a little disappointed. I would love to hear from you what your experience in buying leads was. Drop us a comment and I’m sure that our community would benefit from your comments as well.

What is my biggest suggestion when talking to these leads?

I will also share a site that we sponsor and the site that we have sold a lot of leads through and I recommend if you’re going to buy them. The big suggestion around when you’re buying leads is fast disqualification. Too often someone will buy leads and then when they get on the phone with that person, they will try everything they can. “I got a live one.” They will try everything they can to stay on with that lead and try to close that lead. They will think about that lead all the time. I’m suggesting fastest qualification.

“Hey, you opted into a website about how to make money from home. Is that something you’re still looking to do?”

If they say “no,” say “okay. All right, well if you ever change your mind, here’s my contact” and move on. Now that doesn’t mean move on forever but it does mean move on. You can come back to that lead. It would be more powerful for you not to burn them out by trying to say “well come on you can do it…” Try this conversion process instead.

Follow up with them from time to time and say, “hey at one point in time you expressed interest in making money from home? Have you figured that out yet? Are you still looking to do that?” It’s more powerful for you to be shorter up front and then follow up with them than trying to really convert them by your amazing closing process. Fastest qualification, there’s no shame in it. What will happen is you will be able to go through more leads and you’ll cherry pick the ones that are ready to move right now and follow up on the ones that need follow-up. Make sure that you don’t forget when doing this strategy to follow up, that would defeat the purpose, but fastest qualification is quite fine.

Where to buy leads?

Now this is a company I have been partnered with for quite a few years actually. The site is You can pick local leads or you can pick what’s called “real-time leads” which means as soon as someone opts into a form, you’re getting that information right away, that usually is more expensive. Just understand the lead buying game. I’m not saying this is for everyone (by the way you might argue, “well is this duplicatable?”). Well most people would be able to come up with some money to buy leads, so some people will do it, but don’t think that everyone on your team is ever going to all buy leads and I’m not suggesting that they should. Great for practice if you just need more practice of talking to people on the phone, then this is a great way to do that and you might possibly make some sales, so go to
Again, local, real time, the older ones are definitely going to be your tougher ones if you’re out for a challenge. If you want to see what that’s like, maybe test some of that out. I hope this has been helpful. Remember, if you are going to go the buying leads route, make sure that you still work on your own marketing because why not generate your own leads?

Ray Higdon

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