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Rocket Recruiting:
Sales Tool to Boost Your MLM Prospecting


Last night I had Eric Tippetts, CEO of Rocket Recruiting on my webinar and he showed us a powerful sales tool you can use.

What is Rocket Recruiting?

Rocket Recruiting is a powerful sales tool that you can use to recruit people into your network marketing company. It addresses the three biggest objections people have with building a home business:

– Overcoming the fear of rejection
– Knowing how to start a converation
– Overcoming the “No Money” objection

If you have ever struggled with any of those three problems, you may want to consider watching the video below.

Why I like this Sales Tool

I like the rocket recruiting sales tool because not only does it address the three issues mentioned above, it also is super simple to use and it is value based. Instead of pitching your product or compensation plan, it shows your prospects in very, very clear plain language how you can help them and why they might consider joining a home business.

Video: Use This to Boost your MLM Prospecting!

It was a lot of fun having Eric Tippetts on the webinar and if you take the time to watch that video, you will most likely see where you could be using it to have an easier time in your MLM prospecting. If 9 out of 10 people you talk to using this sales tool WANTED to know what home business you were in, would that make life easier? I sure think so. AFTER you watch the video you can go check out all the details on how to get this tool by clicking here.

What did you like about the video? Please comment below if you were on last night or if you watched and liked what you saw, share this around if you think Rocket Recruiting might help your team recruit more reps!

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