MLM Recruiting Techniques | One of the key things to understand about business growth is that effective strategies aren’t set in stone; they change with the times! Learn more about the best strategies on how to grow fast in network marketing in 2021 by watching this video!

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Would you like to know how to grow fast in network marketing in 2021? Well I’m going to share with you my three biggest tips that are going to help you right now.

My name is Ray Higdon and for the last 12 years, I’ve been training network marketers on the cutting edge solutions that have been working like crazy and today, I’m going to share with you some very powerful tactics that I see our students using right now and they’re gonna help you. 

So first I’m gonna share with you one thing that the pandemic actually created that has to do with network marketing and really can actually help you once you understand it. 

Number two, I’m gonna share with you the two ingredients that are absolutely required for fast growth and three, I’m going to share with you if I had to pick one marketing strategy for 2021, this would be it. 

So I know I promised you one thing that the pandemic created that has to do with what you’re doing, it actually created two. Number one, the desire to work from home. 

All of a sudden there were millions of people that are either being forced to work from home or would just prefer to work from home and not deal with the traffic, not deal with rush hour, not deal with you know being around other people and you know having whatever goes on there. 

A lot of people for the first time in their life got a taste of working from home and they liked it. 

Many of them. Now that’s one thing that the pandemic absolutely created. The second thing is the desire for more control. A lot of people lost their job, a lot of businesses closed. There are a lot of people that were affected in a negative way. In fact if you look at the end of you know 2019, a lot of people had their careers figured out. 

The next year, a lot of people had no idea what to do and so this created a very big demand for people wanting to have more control in their life, work from home, own their own business but they didn’t know what to do, that’s where network marketing comes in. When I talk to people and they say man, I wish I could start my own business. 

Most of them they don’t have a Shark Tank worthy idea or they don’t have any idea. They don’t know what would they sell, what would they creatively do like what problem would they solve.

Well with network marketing, you have the ability to help someone tap into an already existing service or product and all you’re doing is saying hey, hey, you want to look at this thing I represent?

That’s all you’re doing. You’re not figuring out the logistics, the supply chain management, the human resources,  the patents, the trademarks, the copyrights, the how to ship across state lines or country. 

You’re not dealing with any of that stuff. All you’re dealing with as a network marketer which is a really powerful for the person just wanting to enter the home business market is get in front of people. 

And so once you have that understanding, you start to see how many people should actually want to do network marketing and so we want to teach you how to do that. So what are the two ingredients for fast growth?

It’s simple but not easy. So it’s two things. Consistency and numbers. Consistency is you showing up day in day out or if you’re picking certain times of your schedule to show up, it’s you showing up and building upon what you’ve done in the past and this is true of anything. 

If you want to you know become a great actor or actress, you have to be consistently showing up at tryouts, at you know readings at classes etc. 

If you want to get good at dance, you have to consistently show up at dance. If you want to lose weight, you have to consistently show up at the you know refrigerator in the right mindset and maybe at the gym. 

And so consistency is the absolute key and we’re going to come back to that and then it comes down to numbers. 

Often people will say Ray, how do I grow fast? You know tell me the secret, how do you grow fast and it reminds me of a Steve Martin quote that I heard.

So Steve Martin was interviewed and he shared his story about what happens when he’s at cocktail parties in Hollywood. He always has like you know people working the event say hey Steve, Steve, Steve you know they’re serving drinks or something.  

Steve, hey I’m trying to get a break in in acting, you got a tip for me? You know is there a secret and the secret he always shares is be so good, they can’t ignore you. Now what does that mean? To me that means consistency in numbers.

It means showing up all the time whether you feel like it or not and hitting numbers, whatever that looks like you know to whatever goal you have. 

Now network marketing, it has to do with how many people you’re reaching out to, how many people you’re following up with, how many videos are you doing, how much content are you putting out there. 

All of those would fall under numbers and doing them on a you know consistent basis is where your consistency comes in. What are the two reasons that you won’t be consistent? One is fairly simple is you don’t know what you actually want. 

So if you don’t know what you actually want or who you actually want to be, then it’s really easy to just not be consistent, right? Maybe you’re comfortable, you know maybe you make enough money to get by and you know you’re not in a desperation kind of mode. 

Not that you have to be but if you’re comfy, then you know you may find yourself not showing up very consistently. There’s a quote out there by the Dr. Rev Michael Beckwith, he says pain pushes you until a vision pulls you. So it’s quite possible you don’t have a vision that is pulling you. 

Who do you want to be? What do you want? What do you want your life to look like? If you don’t have those things figured out, I would figure those out but they may be a cause to your inconsistency. The second reason is a little deeper, a little deeper.

The reason that people aren’t consistent often is because they’ve drawn the wrong conclusion to success. It’s because of observations they made as a younger person. This gets deep and I’ve coached a lot of people on this. 

So if you saw your parents make a bunch of money and then lose it all, it is very likely that you have a program in your subconscious that says I don’t ever want to lose a bunch of money. Well the only way for you to guarantee not lose a bunch of money, don’t make a lot. 

If you’re so worried about falling off the cliff, there’s don’t climb it. Now, I have found that that affects a lot of people. Now there are other reasons too. For example if you have siblings and you know you either got the good recognition while a sibling got a bad recognition or vice versa, you may have an adverse effect to recognition. 

So the better you do, you may think in your subconscious that oh, the more recognition I get, it hurts my sister or hurts my brother and even though that’s not true anymore, it was true, as a kid perhaps but even though that’s not true, it’s still in your subconscious like it happened yesterday. 

So I’ve had clients that said man, you know every time I get more recognition, I actually feel worse and I’m like do you have siblings? 100% of the time they do. I’m like okay know that that doesn’t affect you anymore, they don’t have to be correlated. 

You don’t have to draw your good recognition with someone else’s bad recognition when it comes to your siblings anymore. 

And so you not being consistent can be a very deep issue or it can be just the simple fact you don’t know who you want to be. You don’t know where you want to go, you don’t know what you actually want in life. 

Take the time to figure that out and if you need help around that other deeper issue, you may benefit from watching some of my laser coaching sessions on my Facebook page. 

Now by the way, I talk a lot about consistency issues here on this channel as well so make sure that you subscribe and before I get to my last point, which again is the number one method I would be using to grow fast in 2021, before I do that make sure you subscribe.

We have a lot of content on here to help you grow fast and once you subscribe, hit that bell notification so that you get notified as we roll new stuff out. All right so what is this number one marketing strategy that I would suggest?

Well this is something I never thought I would say but it is very clear and evident that right now, the hottest platform for you to be growing on and the reason is because of its algorithm.

So Facebook has- which a lot of us are used to and perhaps you are, Facebook and Instagram, the reels are actually starting to change and Facebook is rolling out reels as we speak actually but the standard Facebook, the standard Instagram, they do the same thing with their algorithm. 

They show your content to a small selection of people that already know you, follow you or friends with you et.c and if it does well, they’ll open it up to a little bit more but they’ll never open it up fully, right? 

You’ll never have a post where 100% of your friends or followers or people that are connected to you will actually ever see it. 

TikTok rolled out a very different algorithm in that it looks at your content and it says who might like this whether they know you or not.

So, this is very different from all algorithms we’ve ever been used to in that it truly, it’s AI technology, looks at your content, analyzes it and says who’s most likely to enjoy this content and it shows that people that have never heard of you, don’t know you, anything. 

So the number one method right now to get your content in front of strangers and in front of a larger audience is TikTok. 

Now what’s cool is if you study TikTok and you understand how to do TikTok, which I’ll give you a way to do that at the end of this video so stick around.

If you study and learn that, all of that does apply to Instagram reels and also now to Facebook reels as they’re rolling those out but there is no question the number one fastest way- we’ve had students that their first video, they’re not influencers, they’re not gurus, they’re not trainers, they’re not you know super well known or huge brands but we’ve had students go over there and their first video gets a hundred thousand views. That is not possible. 

Imagine being brand new to Facebook and your video gets 100,000 views, it wouldn’t happen, right? It literally doesn’t happen. So number one marketing strategy right now to get you in front of more people fast: TikTok.

Are You READY to Accelerate Your Speed To Success? Here’s How…

Ray Higdon

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