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Leading a network marketing team can be tricky in terms of supporting your team members.

Today I’m talking all about how to know when to help someone or whether to wait for them to come to you.

How To Know When To Help Your Team Or When To Wait For Them To Come To You

How do you know if you should be more of a hand holder with certain people versus letting them reach out to you when they need help?

It’s much more of your reaction to the reach out than it is preventing the reach out.

I never prevented anyone from reaching out to me. I never did that. That’s crazy. And so it’s not about having a closed door policy.

Whatever You Do Everyone In Your Team Is Watching

The thing that you have to understand is whatever you do, everyone in the organization is watching. When it comes to the team especially.

So whatever you do as the leader, without you saying anything, whatever you do for the team or your teammates, they think they have to do.

Let’s say that a person is having a problem and you say, “You know what? I’m feeling extra generous today. They’re having a problem. So I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to spend four hours with them. I’m going to help them craft their vision, come up with their why. May answer all their questions. Yeah, I’m feeling really, really gracious today. I’m feeling like a fantastic leader, so I’m going to spend four hours because I love you, because I love you. That’s the kind of leader I am.”

You may take that as oh wow, what a great leader. But that’s actually the worst thing you could possibly do.

You spend four hours because you’re handholding. You’re taking good care of them because you care about them. But you have just shown a completely non-duplicatable way for them to ever build their business.

So, if you spend four hours with them, what do they think they have to do to be a good leader? Am I going to have to spend four hours with every person I ever recruit for me to meet the same level of leadership? So if you want to be duplicatable, when they ask questions, respond with sources, systems, processes rather than your time.

So instead say, “Hey, you know what? I got it. You’re a little confused. Tell you why. Why don’t you go say _____, and if they say yes to _____ question, point them to _____ video. Go do that with five people, report back in.”

Who could do that? Who could do that on a part-time basis? Everyone. Because you simplified it.

You don’t have to feel bad and give people all of your time. Instead provide resources for them to succeed. So instead of wasting my own time, I’m just going to point them to the system.

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