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How to Social Network While on Vacation

Last night I shot this video on how to network while on vacation. You see, me and 150 of my team are leaving tomorrow on a 6 day cruise with Royal Caribbean and I realized that I had never seen nor created a training on how to network while on vacation, so, here you go! This will help people that will be on the cruise with me tomorrow as well as anyone that ever wanted to know the 7 strategies to keep in mind while being on vacation and also being effective as a networker.

What Are the 7 Networking Strategies While on Vacation?

7. Offline Attraction Marketing – How to get people to ask you questions while you are on vacation.

6. How NOT to be a jerk if you are on a company won trip. This means NOT going on a company won trip with the intentions of pitching something else to the members of your company.

5. How to talk to Strangers while on vacation.

4. How to team build if you are on a company won trip.

3. The importance of setting intentions before you head off on vacation.

2. Planning and setting up the post event marketing. This is really cool on how to plan your marketing AFTER your event.

1. This is the most critical part and you can only learn it by watching the below video!

Video: Networking while on Vacation


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