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How to Market Your Product for the Best Chance of MLM Success!


I am willing to bet that MOST Network Marketing Business Owners do not really know how to market their product or what their MLM product truly is. In this blog post I will share how to position your MLM product as well as what your MLM company sells, that should be a clue that they are not one in the same.

Stop Selling What You Think Your MLM Product Is

So most think that their MLM product is whatever the company sells. This is not true. Let me give you an example to share with you what I mean:

A smart marketer that owns a water filtration company doesn’t sell water filters but instead sells something that provides healthier children, better hair, more energy and saves you from lethal pollutants.

Do you see the difference? Sell what your opportunity DOES not what it is. For example, take my company for example, most of our reps that have not been trained think we sell coins. What we really do is help ordinary individuals save more assets for long term wealth while also helping them engineer the lifestyle of their dreams. We do this through our asset of the month club as well as many incentive trips that we continuously have for those who follow the system.

Who Should Be Interested in Network Marketing?

I figured out the answer to this question in November of 2011 while on our honeymoon. Check out the video from the second resort we stayed at below:


So, what did I learn on this trip? Well, this was the most expensive trip we had ever taken…times five! However, when we came home from being away from phones and computers for 10 days, we had actually made more residual income during this period than the trip actually cost us! So, who should be interested in Network Marketing? Well, only people that would like to visit extraordinary places around the world while getting paid more than they spend on these trips!

Ray Hidgon on the Subject of Knowing Your Product

Fijian Sunset

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Then Why Doesn’t Everyone Join Our MLM Opportunity?

I believe there are two main reasons people don’t join our network marketing businesses.

1) They have been pitched a solution before it has been established what their problem is. A problem could be that a person wants a new boat or a problem could be they hate their job. Most network marketers go around the Internet trying to smack bandaids on people that don’t know they are bleeding. Tip: Help others see that they are bleeding, er, that they at least want something more in their life. 🙂

2) They think that what your company sells is the product and don’t understand that it is a vehicle to create residual income. Keep in mind that 80-90% of people in jobs don’t absolutely love what they do but even still they will never earn residual income from doing it and will always just trade dollars for hours. I was NOT in love with the products my company sells at first because I really didn’t understand coins but I needed to make more money and loved the idea of spending more time with my family. Now I love the product but a lot of prospects may not know they love your product…until they buy into the idea of the business and what it DOES not what it IS.

Use the above two to change your approach to prospecting people and you WILL see your results increase. I know you can do it!

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