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Want your prospect to buy your product or service?

Here’s how to be the BEST solution to their problem.

How To Be The Solution To Your Prospect’s Problems

A lot of people will do a Facebook Live, and at the end they got their product for sale, and no one bought.

Well, if instead of ending it with that, you lead with them reaching out to you, you could have communicated with them, they got to know you a little bit, and then they would have bought.

Going for the jugular. Going for the buy my thing is what prevents a lot of people from having success.

So, some example problems, weight loss could be sugar craving, self-esteem, muffin top. It could be all kinds of different things, things that people struggle with, and that you could be talking about, you could be offering solutions for.

“Hey, here are four ways to shrink your midsection.”


One of the things that we talked about in the health and wellness blueprint is the magazines, by the grocery store checkout, are the highest selling magazines in the store. Guaranteed 100% of the time.

And so if you’re thinking like a consumer, you’re like, “What’s the big deal?”

If you’re thinking like a marketer, you’re like, “Wait a minute, these are the highest paid copywriters on planet earth. Make hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, to come up with these little headlines. Maybe I should study those. Maybe I should look at, maybe they could.”

You could literally take a magazine, just the cover, and have five really effective Facebook Live titles.

You don’t have to test them. They’ve already been tested. By the time they hit that shelf, they’ve already been tested. They know that it’s going to make sales, or they wouldn’t be on that shelf.

You could literally go in there, take pictures of them.

When I went and did that for examples, I’m taking pictures of all these magazines, got these hotties on the cover, I looked like a real weirdo. They looked at me like disapprovingly. I was frowned upon, but I took one for the team.


It should NOT be “Update from Joe.” That shouldn’t be your Facebook Live title.

Could you have people get on that? Sure. Like your super fans, people that love you and adore you, but that’s not who you need to focus on attracted to you, it’s the people who don’t know you.

So, let’s lure the people that don’t know you onto your Facebook Lives. Let’s get them onto your videos. Let’s get them onto your status updates. You do that by offering them value, and always know that they’re thinking, “What’s in it for me? What’s in it for me?” They’re always thinking that. And if you assume that, you’ll be safe.

If you talk about these problems that brides run into that, that people want to lose weight run into, that people want to be more socially connected want to, that marketers run into.

Think about the problems that they struggle with.

And sometimes it’s so straightforward, like there’s different products out there. There’s products like wine, there’s product like travel, there’s different products. And you just want to be asking yourself,Okay, what is it that we solve?”

It may not be a health exact issue, but being more socially connected, is that beneficial? Is it beneficial to meet new people? Totally. That’s why all these different clubs exist. There’s all these different social clubs that people go to. They go there because they want help with being more social. That could be a major problem that you’re solving with your network marketing business.

Travel. It’s a great one in that you could be talking about how to save on travel, pretty straightforward, or just how to be more adventurous in life. How to escape a boring life. I don’t think it’s much of a secret, but my last time with marketing company we were part of was a travel company. And I remember a guy came up to me, a opportunity meet, actually my recruit brought his guest to me at the meeting and said, “Hey, he doesn’t like to travel. What do you say to that, Ray?” Like leaders, you know what I’m talking about, where someone brings you a guest and like, “Dance boy,” and I’m like, “Well, there’s…” And you got to dance, you got to do the leader dance and convince them and persuade them and hypnotize them and whatever else.

Do you know how few people are challenged to live a different life, ever? So they just kind of hum drum, punch the clock, I guess eventually I die. You can breathe some life into people. I really don’t have any fitness goals. Well, what would you like to do that you can’t currently do? Guarantee you can find something. You can find something there.

What does a person really want? What is it that they want? And always know that it’s not just a cosmetic make money, it’s not just a cosmetic lose weight, it’s something else. It’s self esteem. It’s having their ex see them, but a lot sexier.

But, it’s NOT just to lose weight, it’s not just to make money. It’s to have the friends that doubted them walk into their dream home. It’s their friends that doubted them seeing them go and pass them in a new car.

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