Are you wondering what it takes to start from nothing to then growing a massive team?

If so, check out this story about a woman who used to spend more within her business than she brought in, to now rocking it out in six figures.

How She Went From Nothing To Hundreds of Team Members

One of our students, Marieke Gardner had incredible success with network marketing and has grown so much.

She went from spending more on products in her company than she was bringing in revenue.

Now, she has hundreds of customers and team members and is bringing in six to seven figures a year.

Here’s what she has to say:

I’ve been part of Inner Circle for just over a year now.

It has taken me from a place of having a small customer base and team, where I was spending more in my company than I was earning, to now having hundreds of team members and customers. 

This past year in large part thanks to Inner Circle coaching I was able to rank advance 4 times and earn an incentive trip!

So so cool! She was able to move up in her company 4 times and has now made an extremely comfortable life for herself.

If you’re just starting out in network marketing, this is possible for you to and we love hearing these kinds of transformations.

She was also able to go on an incentive trip and be rewarded for her hard work.

It’s possible!

I love sharing stories like this because they show how possible it is to grow in network marketing and expand your career.

Why It’s Important To Share This With Your Team

Because it’s inspiring.

Because it will show your team members that it’s possible.

It will show them that regardless of all the struggles it’s possible to succeed by showing up and working hard with the right people to get you there.

Showing success in network marketing through other’s experiences is an inspiring way to bring motivation to your team.

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