Have you or a teammate been in a phase of little or no sign ups?

Maybe you’ve tried multiple network marketing companies but nothing worked?

If so, this might just be the inspiration you need.

How She Got Her 1st Recruit After Being In Network Marketing For 4 Years

We are so proud of our student, Nicole Cordes.

She just recruited her 1st rep after being in network marketing for 4 years and 3 companies!!!

Check out what she has to say:

Basically, I’ve been in Network Marketing for 4 years and this is my third company.

A month after joining 100k Inner Circle and getting my own coach I finally got my first rep!

This coaching has helped me push past all the limiting beliefs and made me stop playing small!

So excited for this year! 2020 FEELS BIG ! ??

This is MY year ?– Nicole Cordes

So awesome, right?

If you have been in network marketing for awhile but are stuck, there is hope.

We believe in YOU!

I love sharing stories like this. And, I recommend that leaders share these with their teams.

Why Leaders Need To Share Stories Like This


Because they are relatable.

There are people in your team that have been struggling, and seeing another person in their team get an achievable win is motiving.

They can see that they can do it too!

Most leaders only highlight the teammates who are bringing in the masses. And, that can actually demotivate the people who haven’t recruited anyone.

Good culture celebrates the wins and great leaders love on their people!

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