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In our trainings, we encourage network marketers to NOT use their company name when selling their products, and instead highlighting their products in other ways.

Today I’m sharing a few ways to highlight your products to generate leads and make more income.

How To Highlight Your Product To Generate Leads

If you are new to our trainings, something we always advise when it comes to selling a network marketing product is to NOT talk about the company name. For multiple reasons and we have many training in which we go over that, but if you go live showing your products, and you’ve always put your company all over social media, do you just make the switch and keep the name out?

Let’s dive into how you can highlight your product, without mentioning the company name, to generate leads.

It’s a little trickier when it comes to demonstrable products, like makeup and things that you’re demonstrating. So if I were doing that, I wouldn’t be showing the name of the company on my demonstrations, but what I would do is I would purposely use at least one element that was not a company product in my demonstrations.

Because if I do that, then it grants me the ability to actually have more power in my presentation.

And the reason comes down to what we teach in the 14 day challenge. And so I would do three things. One I wouldn’t show the name of the company, the name of the product while I’m doing my thing, but I would say this phrase.

I would say, “Hey guys, today I’m using some of my company products, and some of these aren’t my company products. If you want the full list, just shoot me a message.”

Now, how innocent does that sound? Totally innocent.

Now let’s say it another way. What if I only use company products?

“Hey guys, today I’m using company products. Shoot me a message if you’d like the list.” –  That sounds like sales because it’s only company products.

If I say, “Hey, today I’m using some company products, and some of these aren’t actually company products. If you want the full list, just message me and I’ll send it to you.” Notice how nonchalant that seems. Notice how innocent that seems. Is that pitchy? Is that salesy? Definitely not.

But I’m going to throw one more thing in there.

I’m going to say, “Oh by the way, if you need help with your makeup, with your haircare, with your skin cream, with your working out, with your eating properly, with your meal plan, with your ____, when you message me, I’ll also include 10 free tips to help you with that.”

So what most people are trying to do, and they’re sometimes successful, they’re trying to get the sale. What I’m trying to do is I’m trying to get the messages.

Because I can make more sales if I get more messages.

And so the whole point of thing is “I want to generate more leads.”

And when you use the name of the company, I’m not saying you won’t get sales (because some people are successful doing so), but most of the time if you add a bit of excitement and unexpectedness to it, and then funnel your people through it, it’s going to be successful.

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