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How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Everyone always asks… how can I get more leads and traffic to my blog? Well, what if you could go back in time and ask that question 12 months ago and someone gave you ways where 12 months later (today) you would be getting thousands of visits per day from potential prospects? Sound far fetched? Well, it isn’t and today I will give you a 12 month, rock solid plan, to get more traffic and even how to make money from your blog.

Start Today To Create Unstoppable Traffic to Your Blog

This one question will change your marketing forever. It is THE question that so few new marketers ask because they want the fresh flood of new business overnight and don’t understand the mechanics of what it takes to build a long term business, this question, should be asked before you ever create a new article, blog or video, the question..is this:

How Can I Create More Value For My Target Prospect?

This one question has been the hub of my blog for the past two years. It is how I got over 14 million hits last year. It is the question that helped me get 280% more traffic in 2011 than in 2010 and what helped me get 5,000% more traffic from 2009. This is not just a sexy little article to teach you what it takes to get traffic here and there, this blog post is how to get traffic, the mechanics of it, so you can generate traffic for as long as you can use those pretty little fingers on your keyboard.

Side Note: I just thought about that..I remember I used to get paid $7 an hour digging trenches to lay cable for cable TV..now a few keystrokes and money comes in =)

Solve The Problems of Your Target Market

OK, let’s all agree that unless you want to plop down a ton of money on pay per click advertising, you are not going to get traffic over night? Is it OK that we draw this into the light and teach you that it is OK and that everyone started from somewhere? I hope so. And if you do find ways of getting traffic overnight, there is a good chance that it will not last and then a month down the road you will be back to asking the questions of the zombies that walk around the Internet with their eyes partially glazed repeating over and over on how they need leads and traffic…can’t you hear them? Leads and traffic, leads and traffic, leads and traffic..LOL

No, your endless searching stops today as you now know what it takes to get traffic to your blog consistently and that is by asking yourself this question every single day…How Do I Create More Value for My Target Prospect?

What the Heck is Value and Who is My Target Prospect?

Value is defined as a resource (blog, video, article) that solves a problem. Your target prospect is THE person you would most like to work with in your business or sell your products to. Here are some fun examples:

Taxi Cabs love people that frequent bars. If I ran a Taxi company I might offer Taco bell coupons to my late night passengers to encourage them to get my drivers to stop and pick them up some yummy food they might be craving.

Diamond and jewelry companies love Brides but the man usually buys the ring right? How about having a Groom discount package that if you buy from the Diamond store you get discounts on Tuxes, Limo Ride, cigars, etc.

Network marketers love training and are constantly confused on why they are not having success. If my target was in that industry, I would create training for them on a daily basis that they could easily download and enjoy that would make them keep coming back to my website..oh wait, that is what I do! 🙂

Stop Hoping and Follow This Plan

I am going to help you out big time here, there are two types of network marketers out there attempting to build their business. Those who have some capital to play with and those who do not. Here is a plan for both.

If You Have Capital to Invest in You and Your Business

1. Hire a coach that has the success you desire, this has made all the difference in my life and lifestyle.
2. Learn pay per click advertising, one of the hottest ways is by using Facebook, the best course on the market is my friend Michelle’s, you can watch a video on it here ==>> Facebook Mastery
3. Invest in yourself by making long term decisions, example, MLSP is now running a special on LIFETIME membership, this is clearly for serious people, if you are unsure if you should invest in yourself, you might not want to even look here ==>> Lifetime MLSP Membership

If you are dead broke and cannot spend any money

1. Look for ways to make people you want to learn from money. This can be done through your network marketing company or via affiliate sales. A good upline will offer you free coaching if you are showing that you are serious by enrolling people and being coachable, I have done this for many superstars in my team.
2. Create 1-2 pieces of content everyday that is value driven for your target prospects.
3. Prospect like mad, actually reaching out to either your warm market or people on Facebook or at offline meetings to get an influx in cash into your bank account. If you do not know how to prospect you can check out my sponsoring secrets video here ==>>Over 2 Hours of Sponsoring Training

Follow either one of these plans and guess what, you are going to, slowly but surely, in a way you wish you would have started 12 months ago, waves of traffic, leads and even sales by following the above steps. Now the secret has been revealed and you can utilize this EVERY single time you even THINK about buying something or creating content. If you got value from this blog post, please, voice your feedback by leaving a comment!

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