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Foolish or Focused? How I Turned Down $50,000
in MLM Compensation

Here is the neat thing about building up a serious business that provides a lot of MLM compensation…it makes you immune to short term offers. This blog is about how I was told I could possibly get $50,000 in MLM compensation and I turned it down without hesitation. Am I foolish or focused?

Why Would Someone Offer Someone Else MLM Compensation to Join a Company?

This is actually pretty common in the network marketing industry. Companies want to get momentum and growth and instead of spending money on advertising, which, may or may not work, they entice existing leaders from other companies by offering them MLM compensation to jump ship. There have been sign on bonuses of well over a million dollars in the past, historically, in the long run, I don’t think that is typically a good idea. Why you ask? Well, if it is only the MLM compensation that brought them to the company, then there is, more than likely, no loyalty there. Also think if you are an existing leader in that company and all of a sudden someone shoots past you in the rankings or earnings and all due because they got a big sign-on bonus and you did not. How would that make you feel?

Is This Type of MLM Compensation Real?

Here is the reality, it is quite possible that the picture of the offer I got tomorrow was just a spammed message that went out to a bunch of people, it is quite possible that this individual offer was not real but I can tell you that this idea is very much real which may make you realize something. Network marketing is a pretty unique industry, unlike MOST corporate America jobs, where someone would actually be offered a large sign-on bonus. If you understand this, you worry less about your company folding and worry more about providing value and being the best leader possible. If you focus on being a leader that people would want to follow, you will get offers like that and IF (god forbid) something happens to your network marketing company, you take a good chunk of your team with you.

So, answer the question, Am I foolish or Focused?

What is cool about this industry is two years ago I was flat, dead broke. And now I instantly turned down a possible $50,000 in MLM Compensation, regardless of it this offer was real enough, I was not even curious enough to find out more information. If you can get to a point in your life where you love doing what you are doing where you would turn down a large sum of money to continue working with who you are working with, then, I would say that is awesome, what do you think of my decision?

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