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Expand Your Network with Empire Avenue

There is a pretty neat social media site out there called Empire Avenue. Used properly it does NOT have to be a time waster, it can actually get you views and likes on Youtube as well as Facebook likes..and at no cost to you! Well, at least in the traditional sense.

What is Empire Avenue?

Empire Avenue measures the value of your engagement and network on various Social Networks. These “Network Scores” form a large part of your Share Price. As people buy into what you say and the content you create, your network value and your Share Price will increase, and their handy-dandy breakdowns will help you see where your social media efforts could improve. People can literally “bank” on your share price to increase and make virtual money and bragging rights.

OK, So is it like a Social Media Farmville?

No, or I would not waste my time with it. The neatest thing that Empire avenue has is what is called missions. Missions allow you to add user compensated actions into your profile. The virtual money that you make can be used to pay people to do your bidding! I have literally spent about an hour total on Empire and have seen some decent traffic, as well as Facebook and Youtube likes.

How to Get Benefit From Empire Avenue

1. Join for free – Join Empire Avenue

2. Setup your profile with profile pic, etc

3. Buy some shares of a couple people to get on the radar (especially mine of course!)

4. Go into the Missions tab and pick either a youtube video you want to get views and likes or something you want to get more Facebook likes (fanpage or blogposts, etc) and put them in there, just follow the instructions.

5. Promote your profile using the social media sharing buttons

All of the above should take less than 20 30 minutes tops. Don’t let this distract your entire day but it is an easy way to get a little traffic and some facebook love. See you on Empire!

Your Bonuses for the No Excuses Summit 3 in Vegas!

Guess what, Tuesday, February 21st is when No Excuses opens up where you can buy tickets and just wait until you see my bonuses, I guarantee you I will have people buying tickets that are not even going to attend, just for the bonuses (I did last year). From really listening to this industry I know what can help save people from confusion, overwhelment and frustration and the bonuses this year are going to shock and awe you. I am honored to be one of the chosen speakers for the No Excuses Summit in Vegas, rock on! The people that register through this link are going to have first crack at the bonuses – No Excuses 3 – Register Now

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