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In order to create impact in the world, you need to change your mindset and focus to make changes.

In this training we’re diving into how you can make a greater different in the world through your finances and taking bigger actions.

How To Change Your Mindset to Create Impact

In order to get motivated, there are several factors. There’s fear, there’s pain, there’s danger, there’s pleasure, there’s significance.

So, when I got serious about network marketing, I was dead broke in personal foreclosure, being chased by bill collectors. Just depressed, drinking very heavily. It just wasn’t a good time for the empire. And so I was down and out and I was not good. And when I got serious about network marketing, I was driven by pain to get out of debt. I was $1 million in debt because I had over leveraged my personal home, I over leveraged some real estate investments, and I was not in a great place.

I was driven by pain at that time and fear.

So I started going for no, I started doing a video a day, and started working on my self development every day.

By doing those three main things daily, I was making pretty good money by month five.  Seven months in I became the number one income earner in that company and was the number one earner in that company for several years until the company merged into another company.

And so there was a point at about $30000 a month where I thought to myself, “I don’t really have to stress about money so much anymore.”

  • 2013 was my first million dollar year.
  • 2014 was our first million dollar month.
  • 2015 was the first million dollar weekend.

It’s not just money. That’s not the driver.


It’s just once you get out of the pain and out of a danger zone, start to think a little bit bigger. Do you want to build schools in Guatemala? Do you want to build water wells in Kenya? Do you want to build abuse centers in wherever, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, whatever, right? Is this all our potential or can we change the world? How can we change the world? What if we started building education centers in Africa? What if we started teaching entrepreneurial-ism? What if we started teaching how to provide value to the marketplace, to people in poor areas, so they learn better? What if we worked with Echo out of North Fort Myers where they’re headquartered on how to have better sustainability on farms in Brazil?

Instead of just always looking for the government bail out and instead of waiting for someone else to solve these problems, why don’t we go solve them?

And I’m not saying anyone specifically, but overall what can we do to make a difference? Is it abuse centers, is it education facilities, is it churches, is it spreading the word of your church, if that’s what floats your boat or gets you excited. How are you making an impact? How are you making a difference?

And guess what? Guess what is one thing that will help all of those endeavors?


That’s the one thing.

Money will help all of those endeavors. Every single one of them. With more money you can make a bigger impact. Poor people will hear that and be like, “Well, I could make an impact too.”

I’m not saying you can’t, but if you had more money you could impact more. That’s a fact. If you had more capital you could use more resources and go and impact more people. That’s the deal.

And so I hope you can paint a bigger picture than, “Okay, I paid my bills now.” I hope we can all paint a bigger picture of making an impact somewhere around the world.

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