negative view of network marketing

Are you sick of people’s negative view of network marketing?

In this post I will share exactly how you and your team can help change people’s view and see how great of a profession network marketing is.

How To Change People’s Negative View Of Network Marketing

Unfortunately, we have a perception problem inside of network marketing. This is why it’s easy for people in the media or commentators to bash network marketing. Because that is the accepted perception.

Perception is a RESULT.

You wishing upon a star that everyone really bought into network marketing is NEVER going to work. Because the perception is a result.

The negative perception is a result of network marketers tricking people into meetings. It’s a result of how we represent ourselves. It’s a result of being snarky and we pretend like we’re better than people that don’t see our deal.

That has created the perception. The perception is a result of our activity. What we need to do is to improve our activity and how we show up.

[clickToTweet tweet=”The perception is a result of our activity. We need to improve our activity and how we show up.” quote=”The perception is a result of our activity. We need to improve our activity and how we show up.”]

I believe that we need to be better to improve or change that perception. And us wishing that everyone should already love network marketing, is pointless. It’s wasted energy.

Instead, be the best tipper. Be the best fund raiser. Be the best neighbor. Be the best friend. Be the best trainer, educator, leader. Be the best shoulder for someone to cry on if they’re going through a tough time. Be the best person to send the most flowers. Be the best person to show up and help your community in the best way.

The ONE Advantage

There is ONE advantage that us network marketers forget. It’s the reason you don’t have of cram your presentation down everyone’s throat. Most people don’t see it. In the video below, I share the one advantage that all network marketers have and how it might change how you prospect.

Hopefully, my little rant will help you and your team.

What did you think of it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your team.

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