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How to Profit from MLM Blogging

Profit from MLM Blogging

More and more people are becoming MLM bloggers and hoping to have success. With more and more doing this, if you want to make money blogging, you have to stand out. This blog teaches you how to stand out as well as how to weave proven income strategies into your MLM blog.

The Power of Blogging

Here is the neat thing about blogging..unlike emails, conversations or physical meetings, your blogs last forever. I know some marketers send these really long emails to their list and a lot of times there are great training tidbits in them, well, if someone was NOT on that marketers list at the time, they lost out on that message! That same training put on your MLM blog would actually stay there forever and you could refer people to its training anytime down the road versus look for an email.

How to Stand Out as an MLM Blogger

My number one suggestion is to build YOU and YOUR brand. Blogging is a long term business strategy and the sooner you start building your own brand as a blogger, the better. This means going through the pain of setting up wordpress, self hosting, etc. By the way, if you are brand new and do not have any idea how to setup a blog, the best resource I have seen out there that walks you through how to do it was put together by two friends of mine, Adam Chandler and Jordan Schultz, and you can check it out here – Beginner Blogging and Content Syndication.

To stand out, do these things:

1. Differentiate yourself and be specific in who you want to be reading your blog. If you are in a fat loss network marketing company, don’t talk about fat loss in one blog and making money in another. Those who try to hit two birds with one stone usually miss the mark on both (at least in marketing). Suggested resources for understanding what I mean: Differentiate or Die and Positioning. These are two of the best books written on the subject of marketing ever produced.

2. Be consistent and blog often as this will increase your traffic, profits and separate you from most of the other people trying to be MLM bloggers.

3. Answer the questions that people have by talking their language. As we learn specific knowledge we forget how new we used to be, never overestimate the technical ability of those who may find your blog. Remember, marketing is NOT about selling stuff, it is about solving problems. Solve the problems of your target audience and you can easily snap ways to make an income into that mix.

Generate Profits from Blogging

Wildman David Wood and I

How to Generate Profits on Your MLM Blog

First of all, if you are in network marketing and have a blog, you cannot expect to make additional income by solely promoting your MLM opportunity. There are a lot more people out there trying to make money with their MLM opportunity that are looking for training than another company.

Suggestions in additional income streams for your MLM Blog

1. Become an affiliate of things you use and believe in. I am very, very picky on what I am an affiliate of. There are some things I actually really like but do not promote as I think it will just confuse my team. Do not try to be like everyone else and just promote every new contest or launch out there. Your affiliate link SHOULD mean you have personally put your stamp of approval on that product. If you do NOT know what I am talking about by being an affiliate of something, it is just the act of being associated with someone else’s product and you generating a profit on any sales generated by your personal link.

2. Have a PS line that talks to their needs. If you notice my PS line that I use in every blog I write, it alone has generated me tens of thousands of additional dollars.

3. Make sure the goal of each blog is NOT just to sell something, that gets old and people get off your list for that. You can have affiliate links in your blog of course but the post should be of value and solve problems or don’t write it at all.

What Are Your Burning Questions About Blogging?

Lately I have been getting more and more questions about blogging. I did put together a 4 part course on blogging that covers content creation, traffic, layout and branding but what are your other questions? Feel free to post them as a comment at the bottom and I would love to see what you got for me to help with!

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