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We’re Opening a Restaurant!

It'll get cleaned up, don't worry!

It’ll get cleaned up, don’t worry!

Most people don’t know this but I have a huge passion for cooking and this is the big announcement that we are opening a restaurant!

Are We Crazy? Opening a Restaurant?

I love food, I love cooking and I love marketing, what could go wrong? We just got the logo and contract back and excited to share this news with you!

Excited to Share my Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

Inside this video you will find three things:

opening a restaurant1. The official announcement that we are opening a restaurant

2. My big restaurant marketing ideas that will probably blow any previous or current restaurant owners away.

3. On another note: How I got over 600 MLM leads and they WEREN’T from my blog! You are gonna love this.

I also have a fun game inside the video, make sure you watch it! This is a brand new concept, it is healthy food for network marketers only and I share inside the video how I am going to do this. Did you really think I lost 30 pounds just to lose it? If we are opening a healthy restaurant I wanted to look the part! (By the way, Thanks to my man Chris Hussey for all his help with our awesome logo!)

Video: Restaurant and MLM Marketing Ideas

Make sure you watch the video, seriously good marketing ideas and a cool game! Share this around if you got a kick out of it and follow the instructions at the end of the video!

To Your Abundance!

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