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Marketing on Facebook can be tricky the platform is so saturated with marketers.

But in order to grow, you need to stand out. Check out my tips below.

The Best Way To Market on Facebook Without Losing Followers

What are good ways to market on your Facebook page without repelling people? My first tip would be to lead with education and lead with value, and this is something we talk about ALL the time in Rank Makers.

Don’t talk about what your product “is”, but instead talk about what it “does” and how it will help a prospect.

What do you need to hear to buy the product? Then say those things to prospects and teach them how your product can help them. Lead with value.

We have many Rank Makers struggle with this, then see others providing value about their products, and learn along the way to grow their own business. Once you switch to leading with value instead of a sale, you will see more success like many of our group members.

A lot of times we hear marketers say something like, “How do I market this thing? How do I sell this thing on social media? I keep posting about it but people say I’m spammy. How do I post this thing on it without sounding spammy?”

So instead of posting the thing you have for sale, you have to use a small but important percentage of brain power.

So whether it’s shampoo, essential oils, weight loss, the opportunity, your T-shirts, whatever it is – many marketers just post photos of it on their wall. They don’t explain what it does and how it can help someone, they just show what it is.

And so, most good marketing has at least two steps and that is marketing and prospecting.

Prospecting is you reaching out, having a conversation. Marketing is by you doing something, you hope someone reaches out to you.

So if you want to sell something, it’s not how hard do you push this thing, it’s how much marketing do you build around that thing where you get more conversations to lead you to your product. And the best way to market is to provide value and make people NEED whatever it is that you’re selling.


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