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7 Steps to Attract MLM Heavy Hitters Into Your Team

Isn’t this about the best question you should be asking yourself? If you want to build an empire, you will want to crack the code of what it takes to attract MLM heavy hitters into your team. I have become known in the industry as someone who brings some of the best talent into my team, how do I do it? Well, It is by placing myself in their shoes and giving them what they want. In this blog I share exactly what those things are.

Who are MLM Heavy Hitters?

These are the people that have an existing following. Some of them have had success in other MLM’s or may have had success with online marketing or social media. People who have influence over many other people and are recognized in our industry.

7 Steps to Attract MLM Heavy Hitters

1. Provide value. Your opportunity, regardless of how great it is, is simply not enough to convince them to join you. Why should they join you? What will you do to make their lives easier? Is it support? Training? Offline meetings or webinars? What do YOU bring to the table? Big marketers NEVER want to feel like a lotto ticket to anyone.

2. Similar to step 1 but more specific, how much work are they going to have to do when they sponsor someone? MLM Heavy Hitters can sponsor people at will but historically they may not have had the best duplication and retention. What are YOU providing to help THEIR people? Having a fast start training, system and way that they can snap an unlimited amount of their people into without them having to do anything is critical.

3. What is YOUR personal marketing strategy? Is your marketing devised to create worshippers of you or to create leaders? Leaders create other leaders, not followers. Big marketers understand that if they are going to have success they want to get company exposure as well as help transform their people into leaders.

4. Attend events and meet them. I have some of the biggest internet marketers in our industry in my personal team. These are the speakers at the events that people attend such as No Excuses and Live the Dream. I can tell you that MOST of them came on board AFTER I met them in person. Attending events is THE most profitable activity you can possibly perform, not just for the knowledge but also for the hands you shake.

5. STAY FOCUSED. This is perhaps the most important. If you happen to get fortunate to attract an MLM heavy hitter, most likely they are going to watch your actions, emails, social media activity to make sure you are focused on one thing. This is regardless if they have multiple irons in the fire.

6. Don’t hype. They have been promised the world from other marketers that fell through on their promises so don’t bother. Be straight with them on what you can do and what you cannot do. Honesty, after being lied to so often, is refreshing and they will appreciate that.

7. Swing for the fences but build your business in the meantime. Everyone wants to attract MLM heavy hitters into their business but don’t lose sight that the majority of people you bring into your business will NOT be heavy hitters. Work your business doing the profit producing activities while pursuing heavy hitters. It is certainly possible to create leaders as well as recruit them. When you create success in your business, you become that more attractive to the leaders that may be watching you.

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