Maintaining Your Power

Peek Inside & Hear Ray Speak Live From Stage...

"How Would You Like To Become Totally

Un-Messable In Life?"

Live & Uncut Mindset Training From Ray Higdon

aftpXOd2K7POlY_absQNAV6dMyxBLOmOpSQYOF4xYp0,7ZPzKpHnrDB__-BQ4LeeC3qTdJBcEPJ5zi8JwhiJt8A,1hXeuZKnyudD_WU32sPUyavpOlbBALH0qXMGT-gNBKY Dear Friend & Future Top Earner, It’s one of my strongest beliefs that a negative mindset is the #1 thing that holds people back from the success they want in business, with their family and in their daily life. I know this is so because, for me, my “stinking thinking” brought me to a place of almost going personally bankrupt. And then I discovered something.  Having a powerful mindset is something that a lot of people believe in.  Heck, I’ve always believed in that myself too!  But believing it and possessing it are two different things.  Once I really understood how to POSESS that powerful mindset, things quickly changed. Until something clicks for you – that inner switch goes off – you’re likely to keep spinning in circles, trying to figure out what the magic ticket is.  When really, that magic is inside you right now. You just need to access it.
This recording is one of my earliest trainings on mindset.  It’s called Maintaining Your Power and it’s a very unique live and uncut audio recording that I did in from of a large group of people.


Here’s what’s inside:

  • What I discovered that “flipped the switch” and took me from being broke, to a place right now where I earn more in 2 weeks than I used to in a year.
  • How to become “un-messable”, so even in the midst of chaos you can be calm, happy and at peace.
  • The one thing that I believe sits like sludge in the back of most peoples’ minds, slows them down, and keeps them from making great things happen.
  • Why we create stories in our minds about events in our lives – and why most of those stories are false & cause you a lot of unneeded emotional pain.
  • How to totally own your hang-ups and bad habits so you can stop feeling guilty about them and move on with your life!
  • Why I believe that sympathy is often one of the WORST things you can give yourself or another person.  (Here’s what to do instead!)
  • My step-by-step plan for dealing with reps on my team who complain
  • What to do if you feel like your family, children and spouse are holding you back from building the business you desire.
  • How to become a Top Earner even if you never hear from your Upline

It’s funny, I often hear comments from networkers saying, “Well Ray, you’ve got it easy.   It must be so easy for you to build your business because you’re Ray Higdon!”

You want to know my honest response to that?  When I meet a new prospect they respond to me the exact same way they do a brand new networker because they don’t know the success I’ve had – they don’t know I’m a top earner! It’s my posture that gets results!  And, I believe that anyone can do this – even if you’re brand new to the business. I encourage you to take action right now.  I know you’re really going to enjoy this audio, and just like all my other training, it’s 100% Guaranteed.  If you didn’t get any value out of the training, simply contact my Support Team and we’ll give you a prompt refund!

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