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Who Are Jessica and Ray Higdon?


Hey there, this is Ray Higdon. You probably found this page because you are either in or considering the home business or network marketing profession. We help network marketers get more leads, recruit more reps and become top earners in their companies and we are happy to help you!

My Journey Started…

In 2004 I was tired. Tired of working in the corporate world and tired of spending more time with pictures of my kids on my desk than the real things. I had been in the information technology profession for over 5 years and was just not happy. So, despite all the warnings of my employee friends and family members, I decided to leave this high salary job and hop into real estate with zero benefits and be on 100% commission.

It was the biggest risk I ever took and it opened my eyes. In the state of Florida, you didn’t have to be brilliant to make money in real estate in 2004, so, me and a partner had some great times in real estate, made some money and learned a ton. We originally set out to create passive income but the reality of landlording and property management was quite different than what we had read in the books lol.

A Storm Was Coming

Real estate was starting to change but most of us ignored it. It was already going down in value but luckily financing was still available, when that changed, my world was crushed. I don’t like to blame things outside of me and won’t do it here either, the reality is…”I didn’t adapt”. Here’s what I have learned, there is no security other than your ability to adapt, period. (I hope you are paying attention).

In 2008, I lost everything. Our rental properties, all the cash I saved, a long term relationship and worse than all of that, my self-worth. From the middle of 2008 to the middle of 2009, my life was a wreck. Questioning my self-worth, my confidence was shattered, my money was gone and I really didn’t know what the hell I was gonna do.

rj-HigdonVIP-362aFour of the Best Things Ever

1. I started dating a woman named Jessica. She would believe in me more than I believed in myself. Without her, I just don’t know what I would have done in those dark times.

2. Someone I greatly admire introduced me to the Landmark Forum, a transformational seminar that changed my life and opened my eyes.

3. I reconnected with my Dad (thanks to Landmark) after not talking to him for 13 years.

4. I found network marketing.

It is from these four things that my rise from the ashes came about. I truly don’t know which one deserves the most credit but they all played a role.

Got Serious About Network Marketing

After the above 4, a friend of mine (who ended up being my best man when Jessica and I got married) introduced me to a network marketing company. It was the perfect time for me as I had nothing left to lose, was dead broke, had lost all my real estate and my personal home was now in foreclosure.

I told Jessica that it was going to be hell for two years, no dates, movies, anything special other than me working my butt off to dig out of the hole I had created. You see, for the last year she had been working at the makeup counter to cover MY bills. She, amazingly stuck around and little did I know, it wasn’t going to be two years before our lives turned around.

$10,000 a Month In Five Months!

ray-jessica-checks-110806-12I became a prospecting machine. I didn’t care if people said no, in fact, after reading a book called “Go for No”, I actually started collecting them! My goal, everyday, was to collect 20 no’s per day. After five months of this I had my very first $10,000 month in the industry. It should be noted that I had actually tried network marketing before, in fact, I had failed at eleven different companies before. I still reached out to my “burnt out warm market” and some of them have made well over $100,000 because of me reaching out to them. Many of my warm market buddies have won multiple vacations since. By the way, that fifth month was $10,000, my seventh month was over $40,000 and my tenth month was $52,483!

Who Is Ray Higdon NOW?

My wife and I travel the world now teaching people how to get more leads, recruit more reps and become top earners in their network marketing company. We built our business using online and offline marketing and prospecting and teach others to do the same. Just a few years ago I would not have believed you if you would have told me that I would have accomplished ANY ONE of these things:

– Won 11 paid vacations (8 from my network marketing company)
– Shared the stage with Gary Vaynerchuk, Bill Walsh, Les Brown, Eric Worre, and many more
– Had a product launch that did over $850,000
– Average over 2 million hits a month to my blog
– Take my wife to Fiji for our honeymoon
– Won a BMW 7 Series ($100,000 car)
– Became the #1 earner in my network marketing company

You Can Become a Top Earner!

There is greatness inside every single person. Everyone has what it takes to become a top earner. We look forward to connecting with you at one of our future events and helping you in whatever way we can. Believe in yourself and know that you CAN be great and create an inspiring life no matter where you are!


To Your Abundance!




Ray Higdon
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Heather Christie, ActionCoach

Heather Christie, ActionCoach

“I am so grateful that I have gotten to know Ray Higdon over the past few years. I work with some of the best of the best business owners, executives and investors all day every day and it’s not often that I come across a top performer like Ray. Ray is an extraordinary leader. He is driven, passionate, knowledgeable, helpful, caring and committed to excellence.
I really enjoy working with Ray Higdon and watching him grow personally and professionally. He is so committed to his own development that it shows in everything he does.”
– Heather Christie, Coach of the Year, ActionCoach


“I’ve been in Network Marketing since 2004 and until meeting you I have Never enrolled a distributor into my business, EVER. Listening to Ray Higdons trainings and seeing the emotion that he puts behind all the materials that he publishes online along with his testimony has really been inspiring. He has helped me to keep the right mindset and not focus on failure but to fail forward. This year I have realized a measure of success that I can be proud of and I know my victories are not done. I thank you Ray for all the leadership and support and never being too big to help anybody who wants to succeed, succeed. You’re awesome!
– Josiah Ruff

Richard "Hoppy" Hoptar

Richard “Hoppy” Hoptar

“Ray Higdon has spoken for me to over 1,000 high school students in Lee County on investing and working to improve their future. His motivational messages relate to the students and his honest approach to business is very visible.”

- Richard Hoptar, Work Skills Program

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